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Khondker,Habibul Haque
(not current staff)
Khondker, H.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11986Bangladesh: Anatomy of an Unsuccessful Military CoupKhondker, H.H. 
22001Class, gender, and interest in science: The Singapore caseKhondker, H.H. 
31998Discourses of globalization: Preliminary considerationsRobertson, R.; Khondker, H.H. 
42001Environment and the global civil societyKhondker, H.H. 
52001Environmental movements, civil society and globalization: An introductionKhondker, H.H. 
61994Globalization and Shifting Identity in BangladeshKhondker, H.H. 
71998Living Dangerously: Discourses and Dimensions of Poverty in the Third WorldKhondker, H.H. 
82002Poverty of Sociology Theories or Sociological Theories of Poverty?Khondker, H.H. 
91998Role of Science Policy in Singapore's DevelopmentKhondker, H.H. 
101989Social Change and Singlehood in Southeast Asia: A Comparison of Tertiary Educated Women in Singapore and Metropolitan BangkokKhondker, H.H. 
112000Sociology in Singapore: Global discourse in local contextKhondker, H.H. 
122006Sociology of corruption and 'corruption of sociology' evaluating the contributions of Syed Hussein AlatasKhondker, H.H. 
131996Sociology of political sociology in Southeast Asia and the problem of democracyKhondker, H.H. 
141994The Construction of National Character in the Interface of Global and Local TraditionsKhondker, H.H. 
151986The Politics of Famine Response: The Case of 1984-85 Ethiopian FamineKhondker, H.H. 
161986Towards a Theory of Famine ResponseKhondker, H.H. 
171996Women and Floods in BangladeshKhondker, H.H.