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Andrew Ow Tjin-Chiew
Ow, A.
Andrew, O.W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A jugulotympanic paraganglioma with craniocervical extensionMa, C.Y.; Ji, T.; Wu, Y.Q.; Ow, A. 
22012Clinical analysis of 120 cases of intraoral lymphoepithelial cystYang, X.; Ow, A. ; Zhang, C.-P.; Wang, L.-Z.; Yang, W.-J.; Hu, Y.-J.; Zhong, L.-P.
32011Decreased expression of profilin 2 in oral squamous cell carcinoma and its clinicopathological implicationsMa, C.Y.; Zhang, C.P.; Zhong, L.P.; Pan, H.Y.; Chen, W.T.; Wang, L.Z.; Andrew, O.W. ; Ji, T.; Han, W.
42012Dental implant distractor combined with free fibular flap: A new design for simultaneous functional mandibular reconstructionChenping, Z.; Min, R.; Liqun, X.; Yongjie, H.; Wenjun, Y.; Tong, J.; Xingzhou, Q.; Siyi, L.; Ow, A. ; Jizhuang, M.; Yiqun, W.
52013Double-barrel vascularised fibula graft in mandibular reconstruction: A 10-year experience with an algorithmShen, Y.; Guo, X.-H.; Sun, J.; Li, J.; Shi, J.; Huang, W.; Ow, A. 
62012Long-term results of partial double-barrel vascularized fibula graft in symphysis for extensive mandibular reconstructionShen, Y.; Sun, J.; Li, J.; Shi, J.; Ow, A. 
72012Salivary gland adenoid cystic carcinoma with cervical lymph node metastasis: A preliminary study of 62 casesMin, R.; Siyi, L.; Wenjun, Y.; Ow, A. ; Lizheng, W.; Minjun, D.; Chenping, Z.
82012Special considerations in virtual surgical planning for secondary accurate maxillary reconstruction with vascularised fibula osteomyocutaneous flapShen, Y.; Sun, J.; Li, J.; Li, M.-M.; Huang, W.; Ow, A. 
92012Surgical management of solitary venous malformation in the midcheek regionZhong, L.-P.; Ow, A. ; Yang, W.-J.; Hu, Y.-J.; Wang, L.-Z.; Zhang, C.-P.
102012Surgical site infection in elderly oral cancer patients: Is the evaluation of comorbid conditions helpful in the identification of high-risk ones?Ma, C.-Y.; Ji, T.; Ow, A. ; Zhang, C.-P.; Sun, J.; Zhou, X.-H.; Wang, L.-Z.; Sun, K.-D.; Han, W.
112011Synovial sarcoma involving skull base - A retrospective analysis of diagnosis and treatment of 21 cases in one institutionJi, T.; Ma, C.-Y.; Ow, A. ; Wang, L.-Z.; Sun, J.; Zhang, C.-P.
122012Toll-like receptor-9 agonists increase cyclin D1 expression partly through activation of activator protein-1 in human oral squamous cell carcinoma cellsMin, R.; Siyi, L.; Wenjun, Y.; Shengwen, L.; Ow, A. ; Lizheng, W.; Chenping, Z.