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Linda Low Lai Sar
(not current staff)
Linda, L.
Low, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-1996An Asian perspective of worker participationLow, Linda 
2Mar-1999An overview of information technology initiatives and development in the Asia Pacific RegionLow, Linda 
3Aug-1999ASEAN perspectives in economic regionalism in NAFTA, EU and APECLow, Linda 
4May-1996Asia Pacific link projectToh, Mun Heng; Low, Linda ; Chow, Kit Boey 
5Mar-1999Beyond economics : the political economy of capital controlsLow, Linda 
6Mar-1999Capital account liberalisation in a globalised context and the Asian financial crisisLow, Linda 
7Mar-1999Corporate governance and the Asian financial crisisLow, Linda 
81998Crafted culture: Governmental sculpting of modern Singapore and effects on business environmentsHaley, U.C.V.; Low, L. 
9Jan-2002Crisis and supply shock management in a small open city stateLow, Linda 
101996Differential total factor productivity in the four dragons: The Singapore caseToh, M.-H. ; Low, L. 
111990Economic impact of tourism in SingaporeHeng, T.M. ; Low, L. 
12Apr-1999Education and human resource development : next millennium's workforceLow, Linda 
131999Ensuring a moral and social economy in SingaporeLow, L. 
14Jun-2002Entrepreneurship development in Ireland and SingaporeLow, Linda 
15May-2001Experience of health care policy in SingaporeLow, Linda 
16Jul-2001Global or cross production networks and the political economy of regionalismLow, Linda 
17Dec-2001Globalisation and poverty reduction : can the rural poor benefit from globalisation? : an Asian perspectiveLow, Linda 
18May-2001Globalisation of the Asian economies : shaken, stirred or blended?Low, Linda 
191998Human resource development in the Asia-PacificLow, L. 
20Jun-2001Implications of globalisation for poverty reduction efforts in Asia and the PacificLow, Linda