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Wright, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Competing payment schemesGuthrie, G.; Wright, J. 
2Sep-2004Competition in telecommunications: An introductionPeitz, M.; Valletti, T.M.; Wright, J. 
32010Credit card interchange feesRochet, J.-C.; Wright, J. 
42010Credit card interchange feesRochet, J.-C.; Wright, J. 
52009Exclusive dealing and entry, when buyers compete: CommentWright, J. 
62008Exclusive dealing with imperfect downstream competitionAbito, J.M.; Wright, J. 
72010Exclusive dealing with network effectsDoganoglu, T.; Wright, J. 
82015Marketplace or reseller?Hagiu A.; Wright J. 
92009Mobile call terminationArmstrong, M.; Wright, J. 
102006Multihoming and compatibilityDoganoglu, T.; Wright, J. 
112008Naked exclusion and the anticompetitive accommodation of entryWright, J. 
122004Network interconnection with participation constraintsPoletti, S.; Wright, J. 
132006Price structure in two-sided markets: Evidence from the magazine industryKaiser, U.; Wright, J. 
142004Pricing access to Internet service providersWright, J. 
15Oct-2006Pricing access: Forward-looking versus backward-looking cost rulesGuthrie, G.; Small, J.; Wright, J. 
162004The determinants of optimal interchange fees in payment systemsWright, J. 
172007Two-sided markets, competitive bottlenecks and exclusive contractsArmstrong, M.; Wright, J. 
1829-Aug-2010Why do merchants accept payment cards?Wright, J. 
19Dec-2012Why payment card fees are biased against retailersWright, J.