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McInnes, B.
McInnes B.
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12015A holographic bound on cosmic magnetic fieldsMcInnes B. 
227-Aug-2001A positive cosmological constant in string theory through AdS / CFT wormholesMcInnes, B. 
321-Jul-2011A universal lower bound on the specific temperatures of AdS-Reissner-Nordström black holes with flat event horizonsMcInnes, B. 
42000AdS/CFT for non-boundary manifoldsMcInnes, B. 
5Sep-1997Alice universesMcInnes, B. 
61-Oct-2004Answering a basic objection to bang/crunch holographyMcInnes, B. 
722-Jul-2004APS instability and the topology of the brane-worldMcInnes, B. 
815-Oct-2007Arrow of time in string theoryMcInnes, B. 
921-Jan-2009Black hole final state conspiraciesMcInnes, B. 
102009Bounding the temperatures of black holes dual to strongly coupled field theories on flat spacetimeMcInnes, B. 
11Jan-1996Calabi-Yau compactifications and the global structure of the standard groupMcInnes, B. 
122015Cold black holes in the Harlow-Hayden approach to firewallsOng Y.C.; McInnes B. ; Chen P.
131993Complex symplectic geometry and compact locally hyper-Kählerian manifoldsMcInnes, B. 
141-Sep-2003De Sitter and Schwarzschild-de Sitter according to Schwarzschild and de SitterMcInnes, B. 
152010Decoupling inflation from the string scaleMcInnes, B. 
16Aug-1997Disconnected forms of the standard groupMcInnes, B. 
171993Examples of Einstein manifolds with all possible holonomy groups in dimensions less than sevenMcInnes, B. 
18Apr-1998Existence of parallel spinors on nonsimply connected Riemannian manifoldsMcInnes, B. 
1922-Apr-2002Exploring the similarities of the dS/CFT and AdS/CFT correspondencesMcInnes, B. 
20Jan-2011Fragile black holesMcInnes, B.