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Loh Wei Liem
Loh, W.L.
Loh, W.-L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-1996A combinatorial central limit theorem for randomized orthogonal array sampling designsLoh, W.-L. 
2Oct-2001A file linkage problem of Degroot and Goel revisitedChan, H.-P. ; Loh, W.-L. 
3Aug-2008A multivariate central limit theorem for randomized orthogonal array sampling designs in computer experimentsLoh, W.-L. 
41996An edgeworth expansion for U-statistics with weakly dependent observationsLoh, W.-L. 
5Jun-2011Assessment of synchrony in multiple neural spike trains using loglinear point process modelsKass, R.E.; Kelly, R.C.; Loh, W.-L. 
6Oct-2008At the interface of statistics and brain scienceAston, J.A.D.; Brown, E.N.; Loh, W.L. ; Worsley, K.J.; Wu, Y.
7Mar-1997Estimating mixing densities in exponential family models for discrete variablesLoh, W.-L. ; Zhang, C.-H.
82000Estimating structured correlation matrices in smooth Gaussian random field modelsLoh, W.-L. ; Lam, T.-K. 
91-Feb-1997Estimating the integral of a squared regression function with latin hypercube samplingLoh, W.-L. 
10Mar-2011Estimating the number of neurons in multi-neuronal spike trainsLi, M.; Loh, W.-L. 
11Oct-2005Fixed-domain asymptotics for a subclass of matérn-type gaussian random fieldsLoh, W.-L. 
12Aug-1997Linear discrimination with adaptive ridge classification rulesLoh, W.-L. 
132011On fixed-domain asymptotics and covariance tapering in Gaussian random field modelsWang, D.; Loh, W.-L. 
14Oct-1996On latin hypercube samplingLoh, W.-L. 
15Aug-2003On the asymptotic distribution of scrambled net quadratureLoh, W.-L. 
16Dec-2012On the sparsity of signals in a random sampleJiang, B.; Loh, W.-L. 
17Dec-2007Some theoretical results on neural spike train probability modelsChan, H.P. ; Loh, W.-L.