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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2014A randomized controlled trial of hypnosis compared with biofeedback for adults with chronic low back painTan, Gabriel ; Rintala, Diana Hopkins; Jensen, Mark P; Fukui, T.; Smith, Donna Lynn; Williams, Wright Vail
22015A randomized controlled trial of hypnosis compared with biofeedback for adults with chronic low back painTan G. ; Rintala D.H.; Jensen M.P.; Fukui T.; Smith D.; Williams W.
3Sep-2011Abstracts of Select Papers Presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and BiofeedbackTan, Gabriel 
4Nov-2011Adaptive versus maladaptive coping and beliefs and their relation to chronic pain adjustmentTan, G. ; Teo, I.; Anderson, K.O.; Jensen, M.P.
513-Apr-2014Analyzing acute procedural pain in clinical trialsLang, Elvira V; Amihai, Ido; Jensen, Mark P; Tan, Gabriel 
6Nov-2011Annual Report for the Foundation for Education and Research in Biofeedback and Related Sciences (FERB, The Foundation)Lehrer, Paul; Montgomery, Doil D; Shaffer, Fred; Russoniello, Carmen; McKee, Michael; Glaros, Alan; Ewing, Aubrey; Stumph, David; Tan, Gabriel ; Montgomery, Doil D
7Apr-2014Anxiety Sensitivity and Depression: Explaining Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Female Veterans With Chronic PainTeo, Irene; Jensen, Mark P; Tan, Gabriel 
82013Assessing Dose and Practice Effects of Hypnosis for Chronic Lower Back Pain [Abstract]Tan, Gabriel 
9Apr-2011Emotional ambivalence: does it explain the relation between trauma, depression, and chronic pain symptoms in women veterans?Teo, Irene; Tan, Gabriel ; Smith, D.; Srivastava, D.; Smith, S.
1012-Aug-2016Factors Contributing towards Stigmatisation of Offenders in SingaporeXiao Xian Tan; Chi Meng Chu; Gabriel Tan 
11Sep-2013Heart Rate Variability and Posttraumatic Stress DisorderTan, Gabriel ; Wang, Penelope; Ginsberg, Jay
12Jul-2013Improving Access to Care for Women Veterans Suffering from Chronic Pain and Depression Associated with TraumaTan, Gabriel ; Teo, Irene; Srivastava, Devika; Smith, Donna; Smith, Shirley L; Williams, Wright; Jensen, Mark P
132012Manualized Biofeedback vs. Hypnosis in the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain [Abstract]Tan, Gabriel ; Jensen, Mark P; Fukui, Tenley; Robinson, Andrew; Smith, Donna; Rintala, Diana