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Xin Yan
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Xin, Y.
Yan, X.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008A decision-feedback channel estimation receiver for independent nonidentical rayleigh fading channelsZhu, Y.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Xin, Y. 
22004A hybrid decoding approach for LDPC coded MIMO-OFDM systemsXin, Y. ; Mujtaba, S.A.
3Mar-2010A low-complexity and efficient channel estimator for multiband OFDM-UWB systemsWang, Z.; Xin, Y. ; Mathew, G.; Wang, X.
42008A new achievable rate region for the cognitive radio channelJiang, J. ; Xin, Y. 
52006A new approach to the capacity distribution of MIMO rayleigh fading channelsZhu, Y.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Xin, Y. 
62007A robust maximum likelihood channel estimator for OFDM systemsZhongjun, W.; Mathew, G. ; Yan, X. ; Tomisawa, M.
72007A security architecture for IEEE 802.11 wireless networks in large-scale multinational corporationsNan, W.; Jianying, Z.; Yan, X. ; Liying, L.
8Mar-2013Achievable rates for discrete memoryless relay channels with generalised feedbackJiang, J.; Xin, Y. ; Poor, H.V.
92006An achievable rate region for interference channels with common informationJiang, J. ; Xin, Y. ; Garg, H.K. 
102008An efficient synchronization scheme for digital UWB communication systems for biomedical applicationsMunshi, M.C. ; Jiang, J. ; Xin, Y. ; Lande, T.S.; Lian, Y. 
112006An iterative channel estimator for indoor wireless OFDM systemsWang, Z.; Mathew, G. ; Xin, Y. ; Tomisawa, M.
122007Automatic classification of imperfect QAM constellation using radon transformLeyman, A.R.; Liu, X.; Garg, H.K. ; Xin, Y. 
132005Breadth-first tree search MIMO signal detector design and VLSI implementationSizhong, C.; Tong, Z.; Yan, X. 
14Jul-2008Bypass decoding: A reduced-complexity decoding technique for LDPC-coded MIMO-OFDM systemsXin, Y. ; Mujtaba, S.A.; Zhang, T.; Jiang, J. 
152008Carrier-frequency offset estimation for MIMO-OFDMA uplink transmissionWang, Z.; Xin, Y. 
162008Carrier-frequency offset estimation for OFDMA uplink with generalized subcarrier-assignmentWang, Z.; Xin, Y. ; Mathew, G. 
172009Cognitive multiple access channels: Optimal power allocation for weighted sum rate maximizationZhang, L.; Xin, Y. ; Liang, Y.-C.; Poor, H.V.
182008Design and analysis of channel estimation for multi-band OFDM-UWB systemsWang, Z.; Xin, Y. ; Tomisawa, M.
192008Design of low density parity check codes for AWGN channels with causal interferenceZhang, J. ; Armand, M.A. ; Xin, Y. 
202007Differential modulation and demodulation for decode-and-forward multiple relay systemsZhu, Y.; Xin, Y. ; Kam, P.-Y.