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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-Feb-2021Are Global Value Chains Merely Global? The Case of Chinese Provinces in Global Value ChainsRui Xie; Meng Niu; BIN SU ; Jiali Ge
22019Carbon sequestration total factor productivity growth and decomposition: A case of the yangtze river economic belt of ChinaRao, G.; Su, B. ; Li, J.; Wang, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, Z.
32018How do verified emissions announcements affect the comoves between trading behaviors and carbon prices? Evidence from EU ETSGuo, J; Su, B ; Yang, G; Feng, L; Liu, Y; Gu, F
41-Sep-2021Investigating asean’s participation in global value chains: Production fragmentation and regional integrationZhong, Sheng ; Su, Bin 
52015Measurement and decomposition of energy-saving and emissions reduction performance in Chinese citiesWang, Qunwei; Su, Bin ; Sun, Jiasen; Zhou, Peng; Zhou, Dequn
628-Oct-2022Modelling Fortification Strategies for Network Resilience Optimization: the Case of Immunization and MitigationAlberto Costa; Tsan Sheng Ng ; Jidong Kang ; Zhuochun Wu; BIN SU 
72015Multi-country comparisons of energy performance: The index decomposition analysis approachAng, Beng Wah ; Xu, Xiaoying; Su, Bin 
82015Multiplicative decomposition of aggregate carbon intensity change using input-output analysisSu, Bin ; Ang, Beng Wah 
92016Research on investment efficiency and policy recommendations for the culture industry of China based on a three-stage DEAZeng, S; Hu, M; Su, B 
102020Spatial heterogeneity influences of environmental control and informal regulation on air pollutant emissions in ChinaZhang, Z.; Zhang, G.; Song, S.; Su, B. 
1128-Jul-2020The drivers of export value-added in China’s provinces: a multi-regional input–output modelLafang Wang; Bin Zhang; Rui Xie; BIN SU