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Koh Khee Meng
Koh, K.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A characterisation of cycle-disjoint graphs with unique minimum weakly connected dominating setKoh, K.M. ; Ting, T.S.; Dong, F.M.
26-Jun-2008A maximal zero-free interval for chromatic polynomials of bipartite planar graphsDong, F.M.; Koh, K.M. 
328-Jan-2002A note on the chromaticity of some 2-connected (n,n + 3)-graphsDong, P.M.; Teo, K.L.; Koh, K.M. 
42002Almost minimum diameter orientations of semicomplete multipartite and extended digraphsGutin, G.; Koh, K.M. ; Tay, E.G.; Yeo, A.
528-Jul-2000An attempt to classify bipartite graphs by chromatic polynomialsDong, F.M.; Koh, K.M. ; Teo, K.L.; Little, C.H.C.; Hendy, M.D.
6Sep-2013An Upper Bound for the Total Restrained Domination Number of GraphsKoh, K.M. ; Maleki, Z.; Omoomi, B.
7May-2007Bounds for the coefficients of flow polynomialsDong, F.M.; Koh, K.M. 
8Nov-2008Bounds for the real zeros of chromatic polynomialsDong, F.M.; Koh, K.M. 
915-Mar-1994Chromatic classes of 2-connected (n, n + 3)-graphs with at least two trianglesKoh, K.M. ; Teo, K.L.
1028-Sep-2000Chromatically unique bipartite graphs with low 3-independent partition numbersDong, F.M.; Koh, K.M. ; Teo, K.L.; Little, C.H.C.; Hendy, M.D.
1123-Jan-2004Chromatically unique multibridge graphsDong, F.M.; Teo, K.L.; Little, C.H.C.; Hendy, M.; Koh, K.M. 
12Dec-1988Constructions of sensitive graphs which are not strongly sensitiveKoh, K.M. ; Poh, K.S. 
131988Constructions of Sensitive Graphs Which are not Strongly SensitiveKoh, K.M. ; Poh, K.S. 
1428-Jan-2004Divisibility of certain coefficients of the chromatic polynomialsDong, F.M.; Koh, K.M. ; Soh, C.A.
1528-May-2008Domination numbers and zeros of chromatic polynomialsDong, F.M.; Koh, K.M. 
1628-Oct-2003H-domination in graphsKoh, K.M. ; Lim, B.B.; Slater, P.J.
1716-Dec-1995Kings in multipartite tournamentsKoh, K.M. ; Tan, B.P. 
18Feb-2010Lower bound on the weakly connected domination number of a cycle-disjoint graphKoh, K.M. ; Ting, T.S.; Xu, Z.L.; Dong, F.M.
19Dec-2006Maximal independent sets in graphs with at most r cyclesGoh, C.Y.; Koh, K.M. ; Sagan, B.E.; Vatter, V.R.
2028-Feb-2002Non-chordal graphs having integral-root chromatic polynomials IIDong, P.M.; Teo, K.L.; Koh, K.M. ; Hendy, M.D.