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Michael Frese
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Frese, M.
Frese, Michael J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011A critical review of the effects of entrepreneurship training in developing countriesGlaub, M.; Frese, M. 
22013A dynamic perspective on affect and creativityBledow, R.; Rosing, K.; Frese, M. 
32015Action and action-regulation in entrepreneurship: Evaluating a student training for promoting entrepreneurshipGielnik, Michael M.; MICHAEL FRESE ; Kahara-Kawuki, Audrey; Katono, Isaac Wasswa; Kyejjusa, Sarah; Ngoma, Muhammed; Munene, John C.; Namatovu-Dawa, Rebecca; Nansubuga, Florence; Orobia, Laura A.; Oyugi, Jacob; Sejjaaka, Samuel K.; Sserwanga, Arthur; Walter, Thomas; Bischoff, Kim Marie; Dlugosch, Thorsten J.
42011Age and leadership: The moderating role of legacy beliefsZacher, H.; Rosing, K.; Frese, M. 
5Apr-2014Antecedents of Business Opportunity Identification and Innovation: Investigating the Interplay of Information Processing and Information AcquisitionGielnik, M.M.; Krämer, A.-C.; Kappel, B.; Frese, M. 
6Nov-2013Can personal initiative training improve small business success?: A longitudinal South African evaluation studySolomon, G.; Frese, M. ; Friedrich, C.; Glaub, M.
72013Construct Clean-Up in Proactivity Research: A Meta-Analysis on the Nomological Net of Work-Related Proactivity Concepts and their Incremental ValiditiesTornau, K.; Frese, M. 
82012Creativity in the opportunity identification process and the moderating effect of diversity of informationGielnik, M.M.; Frese, M. ; Graf, J.M.; Kampschulte, A.
92012Entrepreneurship as a Key Element in Advancing the Psychology of Competitive AdvantageRauch, A.; Frese, M. 
102011Establishing the Next Generation at Work: Leader Generativity as a Moderator of the Relationships Between Leader Age, Leader-Member Exchange, and Leadership SuccessZacher, H.; Rosing, K.; Henning, T.; Frese, M. 
112012Evidence-based entrepreneurship: Cumulative science, action principles, and bridging the gap between science and practiceFrese, M. ; Bausch, A.; Schmidt, P.; Rauch, A.; Kabst, R.
122011Explaining the heterogeneity of the leadership-innovation relationship: Ambidextrous leadershipRosing, K.; Frese, M. ; Bausch, A.
132012Focus on opportunities as a mediator of the relationship between business owners' age and venture growthGielnik, M.M.; Zacher, H.; Frese, M. 
142010Focus on opportunities as a mediator of the relationships between age, job complexity, and work performanceZacher, H.; Heusner, S.; Schmitz, M.; Zwierzanska, M.M.; Frese, M. 
152012Happy and Proactive? The Role of Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being in Business Owners' Personal InitiativeHahn, V.C.; Frese, M. ; Binnewies, C.; Schmitt, A.
16May-2011Human capital and entrepreneurial success: A meta-analytical reviewUnger, J.M.; Rauch, A.; Frese, M. ; Rosenbusch, N.
17May-2013Humane Orientation as a New Cultural Dimension of the GLOBE Project: A Validation Study of the GLOBE Scale and Out-Group Humane Orientation in 25 CountriesSchlösser, O.; Frese, M. ; Heintze, A.-M.; Al-Najjar, M.; Arciszewski, T.; Besevegis, E.; Bishop, G.D.; Bonnes, M.; Clegg, C.W.; Drozda-Senkowska, E.; Gaborit, M.; Garzon, D.; Hansen, T.G.B.; Heszen, I.; Juhasz, M.; Keating, M.A.; Mangundjaya, W.; Mansor, N.; Mitchelson, J.K.; Ortiz-Reynoso, A.; Pandey, J.; Pavakanun, U.; Pavlopoulos, V.; Peiro, J.M.; Potocnik, K.; Restrepo-Espinosa, M.H.; Semmer, N.; Tupinamba, A.C.; Ventura, E.R.; Whoolery, M.; Zhang, K.
182013National culture and cultural orientations of owners affecting the innovation-growth relationship in five countriesRauch, A.; Frese, M. ; Wang, Z.-M.; Unger, J.; Lozada, M.; Kupcha, V.; Spirina, T.
192012Patterns of entrepreneurial career development: An optimal matching analysis approachZacher, H.; Biemann, T.; Gielnik, M.M.; Frese, M. 
202010Putting job design in context: Introduction to the special issueGrant, A.M.; Fried, Y.; Parker, S.K.; Frese, M.