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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2019A Cognitive Comparison to English and ChineseShi Yuzhi ; Zhong, Shuneng
21-May-2021A Comprehensive Grammar of the Chinese LanguageShi, Yuzhi 
31-May-2022A History of Grammaticalization in ChineseShi, Yuzhi ; Li, Charles N; Wang, Tongshang
45-May-2021Cognitive Linguistics and Linguistics TypologyShi, Yuzhi 
52015Impact of libido at 2 weeks after stroke on risk of stroke recurrence at 1-year in a Chinese stroke cohort studyLi J.-J.; Yuan H.-W.; Wang C.-X.; Luo B.-Y.; Ruan J.; Zhang N.; Shi Y.-Z. ; Zhou Y.; Wang Y.-L.; Zhang T.; Zhou J.; Zhao X.-Q.; Wang Y.-J.
61-Mar-2022Phonological derivation from proximal to distal demonstratives in ChineseShi, Y 
717-Jul-2022The relationship between cognitive linguistics and historical linguisticsShi, Yuzhi 
830-Jun-2019Rule and Construction: the Transitivity of Resultatives in EnglishShi Yuzhi 
91-Aug-2020Structural motivations for the fronting of patient nounsShi, Yuzhi 
102018The association between post-stroke depression, aphasia, and physical independence in stroke patients at 3-month follow-upWang, S; Wang, C.-X; Zhang, N; Xiang, Y.-T; Yang, Y; Shi, Y.-Z ; Deng, Y.-M; Zhu, M.-F; Liu, F; Yu, P; Ungvari, G.S; Ng, C.H
1131-Dec-2022The Complexity of Grammatical SystemShi, Yuzhi 
1230-Jan-2021The effect of English grammar on Chinese grammar: a case study of “jinxingshi”Shi, Yuzhi 
132002The establishment of the classifier system and the grammaticalization of the morphosyntactic particle de in ChineseShi, Y. ; Li, C.N.
1431-Oct-2022The Evolution of Chinese GrammarShi, Yuzhi 
1530-Jul-2021The function of the “gei + VP” constructionShi, Yuzhi 
161-Oct-2021The Functional Variation of Passive Morphemes in Early Modern ChineseShi, Yuzhi 
171-Jul-2019The Grammaticalization Path from the ‘eat’ Verb to a Passive Morpheme in Early Modern ChineseShi Yuzhi ; Wang, Tongshang
181-Aug-2018The Grammaticalization Path from ‘Taste’ verb to Experiential Marker in ChineseShi Yuzhi ; Wang, Tongshang
191-Jul-2022The impact of the evolution of Chinese grammar on its writing systemShi, Yuzhi ; Wang, Tongshang
201-Jul-2019The Motivations for the Changes of Passive Construction in the Han-Wei PeriodShi Yuzhi ; Wang, Tongshang