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Zhang Zhenshui
Zhang, Z.S.
Zhang, Z.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-1997A proposal to revive the genus Kitasatospora (Omura, Takahashi, Iwai, and Tanaka 1982)Zhang, Z. ; Wang, Y. ; Ruan, J. 
2Oct-1996A proposal to transfer Microbispora bispora (Lechevalier 1965) to a new genus, Thermobispora gen. nov., as Thermobispora bispora comb. nov.Wang, Y. ; Zhang, Z. ; Ruan, J. 
32001Clarification of the relationship between the members of the family Thermomonosporaceae on the basis of 16S rDNA, 16S-23S rDNA internal transcribed spacer and 23S rDNA sequences and chemotaxonomic analysesZhang, Z. ; Kudo, T.; Nakajima, Y.; Wang, Y. 
4Sep-1999Distinct types of rRNA operons exist in the genome of the actinomycete Thermomonospora chromogena and evidence for horizontal transfer of an entire rRNA operonWai Ho, Y. ; Zhang, Z. ; Wang, Y. 
51999Investigation of actinomycete diversity in the tropical rainforests of SingaporeWang, Y. ; Zhang, Z.S. ; Ruan, J.S. ; Wang, Y.M.; Ali, S.M.
62007Parkinson's disease-associated mutations in LRRK2 link enhanced GTP-binding and kinase activities to neuronal toxicityWest A.B.; Moore D.J.; Choi C.; Andrabi S.A.; Li X.; Dikeman D.; Biskup S.; Zhang Z. ; Lim K.-L. ; Dawson V.L.; Dawson T.M.
71996Phylogenetic analysis reveals new relationships among members of the genera microtetraspora and microbisporaWang, V. ; Zhang, Z. ; Ruan, J. 
8Apr-1998Reclassification of Thermomonospora and MicrotetrasporaZhang, Z. ; Wang, Y. ; Ruan, J. 
9May-1997The actinomycete Thermobispora bispora contains two distinct types of transcriptionally active 16S rRNA genesWang, Y. ; Zhang, Z. ; Ramanan, N.