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Xu Jian
Xu, J.


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12013A cle-wox signalling module regulates root meristem maintenance and vascular tissue development in riceChu, H.; Liang, W.; Li, J.; Hong, F.; Wu, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, J.; Wu, P.; Liu, C.; Zhang, Q.; Xu, J. ; Zhang, D.
2Jun-2012A PP6-type phosphatase holoenzyme directly regulates PIN phosphorylation and auxin efflux in ArabidopsisDai, M.; Zhang, C.; Kania, U.; Chen, F.; Xue, Q.; McCray, T.; Li, G.; Qin, G.; Wakeley, M.; Terzaghi, W.; Wan, J.; Zhao, Y.; Xu, J. ; Friml, J.; Deng, X.W.; Wang, H.
3Nov-2010Arabidopsis tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase acts in the auxin/PLETHORA pathway in regulating postembryonic maintenance of the root stem cell nicheZhou, W.; Wei, L.; Xu, J. ; Zhai, Q.; Jiang, H.; Chen, R.; Chen, Q.; Sun, J.; Chu, J.; Zhu, L.; Liu, C.-M.; Li, C.
415-Sep-2012COP1 mediates the coordination of root and shoot growth by light through modulation of PIN1- and PIN2-dependent auxin transport in ArabidopsisSassi, M.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, Y. ; Wang, J.; Dhonukshe, P.; Blilou, I.; Dai, M.; Li, J.; Gong, X.; Jaillais, Y.; Yu, X.; Traas, J.; Ruberti, I.; Wang, H.; Scheres, B.; Vernoux, T.; Xu, J. 
51-Oct-2010Plasma membrane-bound AGC3 kinases phosphorylate PIN auxin carriers at TPRXS(N/S) motifs to direct apical PIN recyclingDhonukshe, P.; Huang, F.; Galvan-Ampudia, C.S.; Mähönen, A.P.; Kleine-Vehn, J.; Xu, J. ; Quint, A.; Prasad, K.; Friml, J.; Scheres, B.; Offringa, R.
6Mar-2013Shedding light on auxin movement: Light-regulation of polar auxin transport in the photocontrol of plant developmentSassi, M.; Wang, J.; Ruberti, I.; Vernoux, T.; Xu, J. 
7Dec-2011The arabidopsis RETaRDED ROOT GROWTH gene encodes a mitochondria-localized protein that is required for cell division in the root meristemZhou, X.; Li, Q.; Chen, X.; Liu, J.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, Y.; Liu, K.; Xu, J. 
823-Mar-2012The rice HGW gene encodes a ubiquitin-associated (UBA) domain protein that regulates heading date and grain weightLi, J.; Chu, H.; Zhang, Y.; Mou, T.; Wu, C.; Zhang, Q.; Xu, J. 
9Jul-2013The root of ABA action in environmental stress responseHong, J.H.; Seah, S.W.; Xu, J. 
1015-Aug-1999The SPOROCYTELESS gene of Arabidopsis is required for initiation of sporogenesis and encodes a novel nuclear proteinYang, W.-C.; Ye, D.; Xu, J. ; Sundaresan, V.