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Yang Chang Man
(not current staff)
Man, Y.C.
Yang, C.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-Oct-1996A catalogue of the bird specimens in the Singapore Zoological Reference Collection: Part 1. Struthioniformes - CharadriiformesMorioka, H.; Yang, C.M. 
21999A checklist of aquatic and semi-aquatic bugs (insecta:hemiptera:heteroptera) from Pulau Tioman, Peninsular MalaysiaYang, C.M. ; Wong, T.C.M.; Lua, H.K.; Koh, L.M.
31999A contribution to the knowledge of the water beetle fauna of Pulau Tioman, Peninsular Malaysia (Coleoptera: Noteridae, Dytiscidae, Hydrophilidae, Hydraenidae, Scirtidae, Limnichidae)Hendrich, L.; Yang, C.M. 
431-Dec-2005A new subgenus and six new species of nepomorpha (insecta: Heteroptera) from Yunnan, ChinaNieser, N.; Chen, P.-P.; Yang, C.M. 
531-Aug-2006Aquatic heteroptera (insecta: Gerromorpha and nepomorpha) from xishuangbanna, Yunnan, ChinaCheng, L.; Yang, C.M. ; Li, D. ; Liu, H.
61996Epizoic bryozoans, horseshoe crabs, and other mobile benthic substratesKey Jr., M.M.; Jeffries, W.B.; Voris, H.K.; Yang, C.M. 
715-Jul-2001Guide to aquatic heteroptera of Singapore and peninsular Malaysia. Introduction and key to familiesCheng, L.; Yang, C.M. ; Polhemus, J.T.
830-Jun-2002Guide to the aquatic heteroptera of Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia. - 2. VeliidaeAndersen, N.M.; Yang, C.M. ; Zettel, H.
928-Feb-2011Guide to the aquatic heteroptera of Singapore and peninsular Malaysia. 6. mesoveliidae, with description of a new Nereivelia species from SingaporeMan, Y.C. ; Murphy, D.H. 
1029-Jun-2005Guide to the aquatic heteroptera of Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia. V. HydrometridaeYang, C.M. ; Zettel, H.
1115-Jul-2001Guide to the aquatic heteroptera of Singapore andpeninsular Malaysia. I. Gerridae and hermatobatidaeCheng, L.; Yang, C.M. ; Andersen, N.M.
1231-Dec-2004New oriental species and subspecies of Hydrometra Latreille (Heteroptera: Hydrometridae)Zettel, H.; Yang, C.M. 
1328-Feb-2006New species of the water strider genera Eotrechus kirkaldy and Rhyacobates Esaki (Heteroptera: Gerridae) from VietnamTran, A.D.; Yang, C.M. 
1430-Jun-2002Notes on the Microveliinae of Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia with the description of two new species of Microvelia Westwood (Hemiptera-Heteroptera: Veliidae)Andersen, N.M.; Yang, C.M. ; Zettel, H.
1531-Aug-2007Two new species of Amemboa subgenus Amemboides (Heteroptera: Gerridae) from China and LaosZettel, H.; Yang, C.M. ; Tran, A.D.
167-Dec-1997Updating the Southeast Asian Neptosternus sharp fauna (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)Balke, M.; Hendrich, L.; Yang, C.M.