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Siew Wee, Alvina Goh
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Goh, A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A new confidence measure combining Hidden Markov models and Artificial Neural Networks of phonemes for effective keyword spottingLeow, S.J.; Lau, T.S.; Goh, A. ; Peh, H.M.; Ng, T.K.; Siniscalchi, S.M.; Lee, C.-H.
21-Jun-2011A nonparametric Riemannian framework for processing high angular resolution diffusion images and its applications to ODF-based morphometryGoh, A. ; Lenglet, C.; Thompson, P.M.; Vidal, R.
32011Approximations of the diffeomorphic metric and their applications in shape learningYang, X. ; Goh, A. ; Qiu, A. 
42013Bayesian atlas estimation from high angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI)Du, J.; Goh, A. ; Qiu, A. 
52012Diffeomorphic metric mapping of high angular resolution diffusion imaging based on riemannian structure of orientation distribution functionsDu, J.; Goh, A. ; Qiu, A. 
6Nov-2013Evolution of hippocampal shapes across the human lifespanYang, X. ; Goh, A. ; Chen, S.-H.A.; Qiu, A. 
715-Feb-2014Geodesic regression on orientation distribution functions with its application to an aging studyDu, J.; Goh, A. ; Kushnarev, S.; Qiu, A. 
82011Large deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping of orientation distribution functionsDu, J.; Goh, A. ; Qiu, A. 
91-May-2011Locally Linear Diffeomorphic Metric Embedding (LLDME) for surface-based anatomical shape modelingYang, X. ; Goh, A. ; Qiu, A. 
101-May-2011Quantitative evaluation of 10 tractography algorithms on a realistic diffusion MR phantomFillard, P.; Descoteaux, M.; Goh, A. ; Gouttard, S.; Jeurissen, B.; Malcolm, J.; Ramirez-Manzanares, A.; Reisert, M.; Sakaie, K.; Tensaouti, F.; Yo, T.; Mangin, J.-F.; Poupon, C.
112019Recent advances in non-toxic quantum dots and their biomedical applicationsZhu, C. ; Chen, Z.; Gao, S. ; Goh, B.L. ; Samsudin, I.B.; Lwe, K.W.; Wu, Y.; Wu, C.; Su, X.
122011Visual tracking with generative template model based on riemannian manifold of covariancesChen, M.; Pang, S.K.; Cham, T.J.; Goh, A.