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Zhao Xiu Song,George
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Xiu, S.Z.
Zhao, X.
Zhao, X.S.
Zhao, X.-S.
Zhao, G.X.S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-20111 × 3 Beam splitter based on self-collimation effect in two-dimensional photonic crystalsWan, Y.; Yun, M.; Xia, L.; Zhao, X. 
2Feb-2013A comparative study of electrocapacitive properties of manganese dioxide clusters dispersed on different carbonsZhang, J.; Zhao, X.S. 
37-May-2012A facile approach for the preparation of biomorphic CuO-ZrO 2 catalyst for catalytic combustion of methaneLuo, J.; Xu, H.; Liu, Y.; Chu, W.; Jiang, C.; Zhao, X. 
4Dec-2011A generalized approach to the synthesis of mesoporous mixed metal oxides using the cation-anion double hydrolysis methodBai, P. ; Wu, P.; Yan, Z.; Zhao, X.S. 
5Oct-2011A high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor fabricated with graphene-based electrodesZhang, J.; Jiang, J. ; Li, H.; Zhao, X.S. 
615-Apr-2004A Novel Route toward the Synthesis of High-Quality Large-Pore Periodic Mesoporous OrganosilicasBao, X.Y. ; Zhao, X.S. ; Li, X.; Chia, P.A. ; Li, J.
71-Dec-2004A reinforced study on the synthesis of microporous titanosilicate ETS-10Lv, L. ; Su, F. ; Zhao, X.S. 
81-Feb-2009A reverse cation-anion double hydrolysis approach to the synthesis of mesoporous γ-Al2O3 with a bimodal pore size distributionBai, P. ; Wu, P.; Yan, Z.; Zhao, X.S. 
9Mar-2004A two-step sol-gel method for synthesis of nanoporous TiO 2Kartini, I.; Meredith, P.; Zhao, X.S. ; Diniz Da Costa, J.C.; Lu, G.Q.
1015-May-2007Advanced oxidation of orange II using TiO2 supported on porous adsorbents: The role of pH, H2O2 and O3Li, G.; Zhao, X.S. ; Ray, M.B.
1115-Aug-2012An improved convective self-assembly method for the fabrication of binary colloidal crystals and inverse structuresCai, Z.; Teng, J.; Wan, Y.; Zhao, X.S. 
1217-Dec-2007Artificial defect engineering in three-dimensional colloidal photonic crystalsYan, Q. ; Wang, L.; Zhao, X.S. 
1322-Sep-2009Atomistic insight into adsorption, mobility, and vibration of water in ion- exchanged zeolite-like metal-organic frameworksNalaparaju, A.; Babarao, R.; Zhao, X.S. ; Jiang, J.W. 
1422-Dec-2010Au nanoparticles dispersed on functionalized mesoporous silica for selective oxidation of cyclohexaneWu, P.; Bai, P. ; Loh, K.P. ; Zhao, X.S. 
1515-Apr-2009Bactericidal activity of silver nanoparticles supported on microporous titanosilicate ETS-10Lv, L. ; Luo, Y.; Ng, W.J.; Zhao, X.S. 
1616-Jun-2009Binary colloidal crystals fabricated with a horizontal deposition methodWang, L.; Wan, Y.; Li, Y.; Cai, Z.; Li, H.-L.; Zhao, X.S. ; Li, Q.
17Jun-2011Biofuel purification by pervaporation and vapor permeation in metal-organic frameworks: A computational studyNalaparaju, A.; Zhao, X.S. ; Jiang, J.W. 
182010Biomolecule-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and optical properties of Cu7S4 nanotubesGuo, P.-Z.; Han, G.-T.; Wang, B.-Y.; Zhao, X.-S. 
191-Jun-2011Block copolymer-templated synthesis of highly organized mesoporous TiO2-based films and their photoelectrochemical applicationsPan, J.H.; Zhao, X.S. ; Lee, W.I.
205-Jan-2007Bridging mesoporous carbon particles with carbon nanotubesSu, F. ; Zhao, X.S. ; Wang, Y. ; Lee, J.Y.