Full Name
Chin, Theng Heng Anthony
(not current staff)
Chin, Anthony
Chin, A.
Chin, Anthony T.H.
Th, Chin A.
Chin, A.T.H
Chin, A.T.H.
Heng, A.C.T.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-Oct-2016A game theoretical approach for modeling competitions in a maritime supply chainLiying Song; Dong Yang; Anthony Theng Heng Chin ; Guangzhi Zhang; Zhengbing He; Wei Guan; Baohua Mao
21997Automobile ownership and government policy: The economics of Singapore's vehicle quota schemeChin, A. ; Smith, P.
3May-2013Carbon emission allocation methods for the aviation sectorChin, A.T.H. ; Zhang, P. 
41996Containing air pollution and traffic congestion: Transport policy and the environment in SingaporeChin, A.T.H. 
5Aug-2012Determinants of agriculture productivity growth in PakistanAhmad, K.; Heng, A.C.T. 
62013Determination of the port attractiveness using mixed integer linear programming methodKramberger, T.; Vizinger, T.; Intihar, M.; Chin, A. 
72001Developments in air transport: Implications on investment decisions, profitability and survival of Asian airlinesChin, A.T.H ; Tay, J.H.
81998Impact of the Car Sharing Scheme on mode choiceChin, Anthony T.H. ; Lee, Derek S.W.
92000Impact of the road pricing scheme on commuter trip departure timeChin, Anthony T.H. 
101997Implications of liberalisation on airport development and strategy in the Asia PacificChin, A.T.H. 
112008Implications of prospect theory on road pricing strategiesChin, A.T.H. 
121990Influences on commuter trip departure time decisions in SingaporeChin, A.T.H. 
132010Influencing trip departure decisions: The role of institutionsChin, A.T.H. 
142004Logistics outsourcing by manufacturers in China: A survey of the industryHong, J.; Chin, A.T.H. ; Liu, B.
152015Long-run effect of the global financial crisis on Singapore's Tourism and the economyMeng, Xianming; Chin, Anthony ; Grant, Bligh J.
169-Nov-2015Measuring port efficiency using bootstrapped DEA: the case of Vietnamese portsHong-Oanh Nguyen; Hong-Van Nguyen; Young-Tae Chang; Anthony Theng Heng Chin ; Jose Tongzon 
172007Modeling the location choices of foreign investments in Chinese logistics industryHONG, J.; CHIN, A.T.H. 
181999The impacts of the Asian economic crises on Asian airlines: Short-run responses and long-run effectsChin, A. ; Hooper, P.; Oum, T.H.
192002The social cost of fatal road traffic accidents in SingaporeTh, Chin A.