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Keng Yan, Colin Tan
Tan, C.K.Y.
Tan, C.K.-Y.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A belief augmented frame computational trust modelTan, C.K.-Y. 
22011Anytime heuristic for determining agent paths that minimize maximum latency in a sparse DTNSivakumar, A. ; Tan, C.K.-Y. 
32007Belief-augmented OWL (BOWL) engineering the semantic web with beliefsFeng, Y.; Tan, C.K.-Y. ; Li, Y.F. ; Wadhwa, B. ; Wang, H.
42012Decentralized data fusion and active sensing with mobile sensors for modeling and predicting spatiotemporal traffic phenomenaChen, J.; Low, K.H. ; Tan, C.K.-Y. ; Oran, A.; Jaillet, P.; Dolan, J.; Sukhatme, G.
52009Detection of failures in civil structures using artificial neural networksLim, Z.W.; Tan, C.K.-Y. ; Seah, W.K.-G.; Tan, G.-H.
62008Distributed memory bounded path search algorithms for pervasive computing environmentsSundar, A.R.; Tan, C.K.-Y. 
72009Formation control for lightweight UAVs under realistic communications and wind conditionsSivakumar, A. ; Tan, C.K.-Y. 
82013Parallel Gaussian process regression with low-rank covariance matrix approximationsChen, J.; Cao, N.; Low, K.H. ; Ouyang, R.; Tan, C.K.-Y. ; Jaillet, P.
92008Robust airborne wireless backbone using Low-Cost UAVs and commodity wifi technologySivakumar, A. ; Phang, T.-S. ; Tan, C.K.Y. ; Seah, W.K.G.
102008Stability augmentation for crosswind landings using Dynamic Cell StructuresSivakumar, A. ; Phang, T.-S. ; Tan, C.K.-Y. 
112004Text classification using Belief Augmented FramesTan, C.K.-Y. 
122010UAV swarm coordination using cooperative control for establishing a wireless communications backboneSivakumar, A. ; Tan, C.K.-Y.