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Tan Ping
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Tan, P.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120123D reconstruction of dynamic scenes with multiple handheld camerasJiang, H.; Liu, H.; Tan, P. ; Zhang, G.; Bao, H.
22012A biquadratic reflectance model for radiometric image analysisShi, B.; Tan, P. ; Matsushita, Y.; Ikeuchi, K.
32012A closed-form solution to retinex with nonlocal texture constraintsZhao, Q. ; Tan, P. ; Dai, Q.; Shen, L.; Wu, E.; Lin, S.
42013A global linear method for camera pose registrationJiang, N.; Cui, Z.; Tan, P. 
52009A Projective framework for radiometric image analysisTan, P. ; Zickler, T.
6Jul-2013Bundled camera paths for video stabilizationLiu, S.; Yuan, L.; Tan, P. ; Sun, J.
72013Calibrating photometric stereo by holistic reflectance symmetry analysisWu, Z.; Tan, P. 
82013CoSLAM: Collaborative visual SLAM in dynamic environmentsZou, D.; Tan, P. 
92012Detecting discontinuities for surface reconstructionWang, Y.; Bu, J.; Li, N.; Song, M.; Tan, P. 
102012Elevation angle from reflectance monotonicity: Photometric stereo for general isotropic reflectancesShi, B.; Tan, P. ; Matsushita, Y.; Ikeuchi, K.
112012Estimation of intrinsic image sequences from image+depth videoLee, K.J.; Zhao, Q.; Tong, X.; Gong, M.; Izadi, S.; Lee, S.U.; Tan, P. ; Lin, S.
122013Face hallucination on personal photo albumsLoke, Y.R.; Tan, P. ; Kassim, A.A. 
132013Framebreak: Dramatic image extrapolation by guided shift-mapsZhang, Y.; Xiao, J.; Hays, J.; Tan, P. 
14Oct-2013Garment modeling from a single imageZhou, B.; Chen, X.; Fu, Q.; Guo, K.; Tan, P. 
152013Image matting with local and nonlocal smooth priorsChen, X.; Zou, D.; Zhou, S.Z. ; Zhao, Q.; Tan, P. 
162012Image-based clothes animation for virtual fittingZhou, Z.; Shu, B.; Zhuo, S. ; Deng, X.; Tan, P. ; Lin, S.
172008Image-based façade modelingXiao, J.; Fang, T.; Tan, P. ; Zhao, P.; Ofek, E.; Quan, L.
181-Dec-2008Image-based façade modelingXiao, J.; Fang, T.; Tan, P. ; Zhao, P.; Ofek, E.; Quan, L.
192008Intrinsic image decomposition with non-local texture cuesShen, L.; Tan, P. ; Lin, S.
202013Learning CRFs for image parsing with adaptive subgradient descentZhang, H.; Wang, J.; Tan, P. ; Wang, J.; Quan, L.