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Datta Anindya
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Datta, A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A cost-based database request distribution technique for online E-commerce applicationsMeer, D.V.; Dutta, K.; Datta, A. 
22012A hybrid method for cross-domain sentiment classification using multiple sourcesFang, F.; Datta, A. ; Dutta, K.
32013A mobile app search engineDatta, A. ; Kajanan, S.; Pervin, N.
42013A partially supervised cross-collection topic model for cross-domain text classificationBao, Y.; Collier, N.; Datta, A. 
52013Building a scalable database-driven reverse dictionaryShaw, R.; Datta, A. ; Vandermeer, D.; Dutta, K.
62012Demonstration of mobilewallaDatta, A. ; Dutta, K.
72013Fast, scalable, and context-sensitive detection of trending topics in microblog post streamsPervin, N.; Fang, F.; Datta, A. ; Dutta, K.; Vandermeer, D.
82013LDA-based industry classificationFang, F.; Dutta, K. ; Datta, A. 
92012Mobilewalla: A mobile application search engineDatta, A. ; Dutta, K.; Kajanan, S.; Pervin, N.
102011NUSIS at TREC 2011 microblog track:Refining query results with hashtagsAmiri, H.; Bao, Y.; Cui, A.; Datta, A. ; Fang, F.; Xu, X.
112012Resolving name conflicts for mobile apps in twitter postsKajanan, S.; Bin Mohd Shariff, A.S.; Dutta, K.; Datta, A. 
122013Serendipitous recommendation for mobile apps using item-item similarity graphBhandari, U.; Sugiyama, K. ; Datta, A. ; Jindal, R.
132012Soa performance enhancement through xml fragment cachingDatta, A. ; Dutta, K.; Liang, Q.; VanderMeer, D.
142012Summarization of corporate risk factor disclosure through topic modelingBao, Y.; Datta, A. 
152012Takeoff and sustained success of apps in hypercompetitive mobile platform ecosystems: An empirical analysisKajanan, S.; Pervin, N.; Ramasubbu, N.; Dutta, K.; Datta, A. 
162012Using adjective features from user reviews to generate higher quality and explainable recommendationsXu, X.; Datta, A. ; Dutta, K.
172013Using critic reviews to boost new item recommendationXu, X.; Dutta, K. ; Datta, A.