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Desley Gail Hegney
Hegney, D.G.
Hegney, D.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Access to and support for continuing professional education amongst Queensland nurses: 2004 and 2007Hegney, D. ; Tuckett, A.; Parker, D.; Robert, E.
2Dec-2012Buddhism and Medical FutilityChan, T.W. ; DESLEY GAIL HEGNEY 
32010Career breaks and intentions for retirement by Queensland's nurses-A sign of the times?Eley, R.; Parker, D.; Tuckett, A.; Hegney, D. 
4Jun-2011Effectiveness of educational interventions to raise men's awareness of bladder and bowel healthTuckett, A.G.; Hodgkinson, B.; Hegney, D.G. ; Paterson, J.; Kralik, D.
52011Ego-resilience and psychological wellness in rural communitiesBuikstra, E.; Rogers-Clark, C.; Ross, H.; Hegney, D. ; King, C.; Baker, P.; McLachlan, K.
62010Ethical challenges in the conduct of qualitative researchDESLEY GAIL HEGNEY ; CHAN TUCK WAI 
7Jun-2011Factors affecting effective communication between registered nurses and adult cancer patients in an inpatient setting: A systematic reviewTay, L.H.; Hegney, D. ; Ang, E. 
8Mar-2012Patients' experiences on donation of their residual biological samples and the impact of these experiences on the type of consent given for the future research use of the tissue: A systematic reviewCHAN TUCK WAI ; SANDRA JANE MACKEY ; DESLEY GAIL HEGNEY 
92009Regional differences among employed nurses: A Queensland studyHenwood, T.; Parker, D.; Tuckett, A.; Hegney, D. ; Eley, R.
102010The components of resilience-perceptions of an Australian rural communityBuikstra, E.; Ross, H.; King, C.A.; Baker, P.G.; Hegney, D. ; McLachlan, K.; Rogers-Clark, C.
112010The status of rural nursing in Australia: 12 years onMills, J.; Birks, M.; Hegney, D. 
12Mar-2011What nurses need to know about Buddhist perspectives of end-of-life care and dyingCHAN TUCK WAI ; POON WING HONG EDWARD ; DESLEY GAIL HEGNEY