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Kai Dieckmann
Dieckmann, K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-May-2016All-optical production and transport of a large Li-6 quantum gas in a crossed optical dipole trapGross, Ch ; Gan, HCJ ; Dieckmann, K 
230-Dec-2002Bose-Einstein condensation into nonequilibrium states studied by condensate focusingShvarchuck, I; Buggle, C; Petrov, DS; Dieckmann, K ; Zielonkowski, M; Kemmann, M; Tiecke, TG; von Klitzing, W; Shlyapnikov, GV; Walraven, JTM
31-Oct-2000Broad-area diode-laser system for a rubidium Bose-Einstein condensation experimentShvarchuck, I; Dieckmann, K ; Zielonkowski, M; Walraven, JTM
41-Aug-2012Calibrating an interferometric laser frequency stabilization to megahertz precisionBrachmann, Johannes FS; Kinder, Thomas; Dieckmann, Kai 
524-Aug-2018Comparison of an efficient implementation of gray molasses to narrow-line cooling for the all-optical production of a lithium quantum gasSatter, CL ; Tan, S ; Dieckmann, K 
630-Sep-2002Contrast interferometry using Bose-Einstein condensates to measure h/m and alphaGupta, S; Dieckmann, K ; Hadzibabic, Z; Pritchard, DE
711-Nov-2002Decay of an ultracold fermionic lithium gas near a Feshbach resonanceDieckmann, K ; Stan, CA; Gupta, S; Hadzibabic, Z; Schunck, CH; Ketterle, W
817-Mar-1997Diffraction of atoms from a measurement induced gratingKunze, S; Dieckmann, K ; Rempe, G
914-Feb-2022Empirical LiK excited state potentials: Connecting short range and near dissociation expansionsBotsi, Sofia; Yang, Anbang ; Kumar, Sunil ; Lam, Mark ; Pal, Sambit ; Debatin, Markus ; Dieckmann, Kai 
101-Jun-2023Field-programmable-gate-array-based digital frequency stabilization of low-phase-noise diode lasersAvalos, Victor; Nie, Xiaoyu; Yang, Anbang ; He, Canming; Kumar, Sunil ; Dieckmann, Kai 
1117-Oct-2003Fiftyfold improvement in the number of quantum degenerate fermionic atomsHadzibabic, Z; Gupta, S; Stan, CA; Schunck, CH; Zwierlein, MW; Dieckmann, K ; Ketterle, W
121-Aug-2022Low-Phase-Noise High-Power Diode Laser Systems for the STIRAP Transfer of Ultracold LiK MoleculesYang, Anbang ; Nie, Xioayu; Avalos, Victor; He, Canming; Kumar, Sunil ; Botsi, Sofia; Dieckmann, Kai 
1311-Jan-2008Quantum degenerate two-species Fermi-Fermi mixture coexisting with a Bose-Einstein condensateTaglieber, M; Voigt, A-C; Aoki, T; Haensch, TW; Dieckmann, K 
141-Aug-2011QUANTUM GASES An insulating mixDieckmann, K 
1513-Jun-2003Radio-frequency spectroscopy of ultracold fermionsGupta, S; Hadzibabic, Z; Zwierlein, MW; Stan, CA; Dieckmann, K ; Schunck, CH; van Kempen, EGM; Verhaar, BJ; Ketterle, W
161-Sep-2016Roadmap on quantum optical systemsDumke, Rainer ; Lu, Zehuang; Close, John; Robins, Nick; Weis, Antoine; Mukherjee, Manas ; Birkl, Gerhard; Hufnagel, Christoph ; Amico, Luigi; Boshier, Malcolm G; Dieckmann, Kai ; Li, Wenhui ; Killian, Thomas C
1721-Dec-2010s-Wave Interaction in a Two-Species Fermi-Fermi Mixture at a Narrow Feshbach Resonance (vol 105, 123201, 2010)Costa, L; Brachmann, J; Voigt, A-C; Hahn, C; Taglieber, M; Haensch, TW; Dieckmann, K 
181-Jan-2006Simultaneous magneto-optical trapping of three atomic speciesTaglieber, M; Voigt, AC; Henkel, F; Fray, S; Hansch, TW; Dieckmann, K 
191-Apr-2020Singlet Pathway to the Ground State of Ultracold Polar MoleculesYang, A ; Botsi, S; Kumar, S ; Pal, SB ; Lam, MM ; Cepaite, I; Laugharn, A ; Dieckmann, K 
201-Dec-2016Stability of a frequency-comb-based transfer-lock using a passive Fabry-Perot resonatorPal, Sambit B ; Lam, Mark M ; Dieckmann, K