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John Michael van Wyhe
Van Wyhe, J.
van Wyhe, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2014A Delicate Adjustment: Wallace and Bates on the Amazon and "The Problem of the Origin of Species"van Wyhe, John 
2Jan-2012A new theory to explain the receipt of Wallace's Ternate essay by Darwin in 1858van Wyhe, J. ; Rookmaaker, K.
314-Dec-2018A price list of birds collected by Alfred Russel Wallace inserted in The Ibis of 1863Rookmaaker, K ; Van Wyhe, J 
41-Oct-2016A rough draft of A. R. Wallace's "Sarawak law" paperVan Wyhe, John 
51-Jan-2020A.R. wallace in the light of historical methodVAN WYHE, J 
6Sep-2010'Almighty God! What a wonderful discovery!': Did Charles Darwin really believe life came from space?van Wyhe, J. 
72018Charles Darwin and the dentistsJohn Michael van Wyhe 
82021Charles Darwin: Justice of the peace. The complete records (1857-1882)van Wyhe, John Michael 
91-Mar-2017Darwin's Body-Snatchers?van Wyhe, John 
101-Jun-2015Going the whole orang: Darwin, Wallace and the natural history of orangutansvan Wyhe, J ; Kjærgaard, PC
111-Jan-2015'I am Ali Wallace': The Malay assistant of Alfred Russel Wallacevan Wyhe, J ; Drawhorn, GM
1211-Nov-2019Johann Gaspar Spurzheim: The St. Paul of phrenologyJohn van Wyhe 
1320-Jun-2012John Tweedie and Charles Darwin in Buenos AiresOllerton, J.; Chancellor, G.; Van Wyhe, J. 
141-Sep-2013"My appointment received the sanction of the Admiralty": Why Charles Darwin really was the naturalist on HMS BeagleVan Wyhe, J 
151-May-2012The 'Annie Hypothesis': Did the Death of His Daughter Cause Darwin to 'Give up Christianity'?Van Wyhe, John ; Pallen, Mark J
162014The Annotated Malay Archipelago by Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel Wallace; John van Wyhe 
172019The conservation expeditions 2016-2018John van Wyhe 
181-Oct-2015The illustrations in A. R. Wallace's Malay archipelago (1869) and in a much-enhanced French translation in Le tour du monde (1870-1873)Rookmaaker, Kees ; Van Wyhe, John 
191-Jun-2018Wallace's help: The many people who aided a. R. Wallace in the Malay Archipelagovan Wyhe, J 
2028-Feb-2013WALLACE'S MYSTERY FLYCATCHERvan Wyhe, John ; Rookmaaker, Kees