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Birendranath Banerjee
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Banerjee, B.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2019A child with partial trisomy 4 (q26-qterminal) resulting from paternally inherited translocation (4:18) associated with multiple congenital anomalies and deathChakraborty, A; Panda, S; Mohakud, N; Roy, D; Padhi, S; Koh, S ; Hande, M ; Banerjee, B 
21-Apr-2021A novel balanced chromosomal translocation in an azoospermic male: A case reportChakraborty, A; Palo, I; Roy, S; Koh, SW ; Hande, MP ; Banerjee, B 
32008Analysis of telomere damage by fluorescence in situ hybridisation on micronuclei in lymphocytes of breast carcinoma patients after radiotherapyBanerjee, B. ; Hegde, S.; Hande, M.P. ; Sharma, S.
41-Jan-2017Biomarkers of ionizing radiation exposure: A multiparametric approachZeegers, D ; Venkatesan, S ; Koh, SW ; Low, GKM ; Srivastava, P; Sundaram, N ; Sethu, S ; Banerjee, B ; Jayapal, M ; Belyakov, O; Baskar, R ; Balajee, AS; Hande, PP 
52007Effects of an integrated yoga program in modulating psychological stress and radiation-induced genotoxic stress in breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyBanerjee, B. ; Jayapal, M. ; Prakash, Hande M. ; Hegde, S.; Vadiraj, H.S.; Ram, A.; Rao, R.; Rao, N.; Raghuram, N.; Nagendra, H.R.; Gopinath, K.S.; Ramesh, B.S.; Kumar, A.
62009Genomic imbalances in key ion channel genes and telomere shortening in sudden cardiac death victimsBanerjee, B. ; Peiris, D.N. ; Hande, M.P. ; Koo, S.H. ; Lee, E.J.D. ; Chui, P.
72007Inhibition of telomerase activity and human telomerase reverse transcriptase gene expression by histone deacetylase inhibitor in human brain cancer cellsKhaw, A.K. ; Silasudjana, M.; Banerjee, B. ; Hande, M.P. ; Suzuki, M.; Baskar, R. 
82008Telomere-mediated genomic instability and the clinico-pathological parameters in breast cancerPoonepalli, A. ; Banerjee, B. ; Hande, M.P. ; Ramnarayanan, K.; Palanisamy, N.; Putti, T.C. 
92008Telomere-mediated genomic instability in cells from ataxia telangiectasia patientsSrikanth, P. ; Banerjee, B. ; Poonepalli, A. ; Balakrishnan, L.; Low, G.K.M. ; Hande, M.P.