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Carter, David A
Carter, D.
Carter, D.A.


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1Oct-1994A daily rhythm of activator protein-1 activity in the rat pineal is dependent upon trans-synaptic induction of junBCarter, D.A. 
27-Jan-1994A testis-specific promoter in the rat vasopressin geneFoo, N.-C. ; Funkhouser, J.M. ; Carter, D.A. ; Murphy, D. 
31-Oct-1993Acute down-regulation of oxytocin and vasopressin mRNA levels following metrazole-induced seizure in the ratCarter, D.A. ; Murphy, D. 
4May-1994Alternatively polyadenylated vasoactive intestinal peptide mRNAs are differentially regulated at the level of stabilityChew, L.-J. ; Murphy, D. ; Carter, D.A. 
51993Anesthetizing mice.Carter, D.A. 
6Jun-1996Anterior pituitary vasoactive intestinal peptide mRNA is colocalised with prolactin mRNA in hyperoestrogenised ratsChew, L.-J. ; Seah, V. ; Murphy, D. ; Carter, D. 
71993Collection of fertilized one-cell mouse eggs for microinjection.Carter, D.A. 
822-May-1989Cyclic nucleotide dynamics in the rat hypothalamus during osmotic stimulation: in vivo and in vitro studiesCarter, D.A. ; Murphy, D. 
91992Decrease in hypothalamic vasopressin mRNA poly(A) tail length following physiological stimulationChooi, K.F. ; Carter, D.A. ; Murphy, D. 
101993Delivery of microinjected eggs to surrogate mothers by oviduct transfer.Carter, D.A. 
1115-Feb-1993Differential intracellular mechanisms mediate the co-ordinate induction of c-fos and jun-B in the rat pineal glandCarter, D.A. 
121991Differential use of 3' poly(A) addition sites in vasoactive intestinal peptide messenger ribonucleic acid of the rat anterior pituitary glandChew, L.-J. ; Murphy, D. ; Carter, D.A. 
13Dec-1989Diurnal rhythm of vasopressin mRNA species in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus: independence of neuroendocrine modulation and maintenance in explant cultureCarter, D.A. ; Murphy, D. 
14Jun-1990Dopaminergic mediation of physiological changes in proopiomelanocortin messenger ribonucleic acid expression in the neurointermediate lobe of the rat pituitaryPardy, K. ; Carter, D. ; Murphy, D. 
151993Establishing a colony for efficient production of transgenic mice.Carter, D.A. 
161993Extrahypothalamic expression of the vasopressin and oxytocin genesMurphy, D. ; Funkhouser, J. ; Ang, H.-L. ; Foo, N.-C. ; Carter, D. 
171993In vitro fertilization of mouse eggs.Carter, D.A. 
181993In vitro regulation of rat prolactin messenger ribonucleic acid poly(A) tail length: Modulation by bromocriptineCarter, D.A. ; Li-Jin, C. ; Murphy, D. 
191989Independent regulation of neuropeptide mRNA level and poly(A) tail lengthCarter, D.A. ; Murphy, D. 
20Mar-1993Neurohypophyseal peptides as regulators of growth and development - A ReviewCarter, D.A. ; Fai, C.K. ; Murphy, D.