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Hui Ji
Ji, H.
H. Ji
Ji Hui
Ji, Hui
Hui Ji
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A new texture descriptor using multifractal analysis in multi-orientation wavelet pyramidXu, Y.; Yang, X.; Ling, H.; Ji, H. 
22012A two-stage approach to blind spatially-varying motion deblurringJi, H. ; Wang, K.
3Aug-2013Band-limited Wavelets and Framelets in Low DimensionsHou, L.; Ji, H. 
42007Better flow estimation from color imagesJi, H. ; Fermüller, C.
52009Blind motion deblurring from a single image using sparse approximationCai, J.-F. ; Ji, H. ; Liu, C. ; Shen, Z. 
61-Aug-2009Blind motion deblurring using multiple imagesCai, J.-F. ; Ji, H. ; Liu, C. ; Shen, Z. 
72016Cerebellar Functional Parcellation Using Sparse Dictionary Learning ClusteringWang, C.; J. Kipping ; C. Bao ; H. Ji ; A. Qiu 
82009Combining powerful local and global statistics for texture descriptionXu, Y.; Huang, S.; Ji, H. ; Fermüller, C.
91999Compactly supported (bi)orthogonal wavelets generated by interpolatory refinable functionsJi, H. ; Shen, Z. 
10May-2009Compactly supported orthonormal complex wavelets with dilation 4 and symmetryHan, B.; Ji, H. 
112012Contour-based recognitionXu, Y.; Quan, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Ji, H. ; Fermuller, C.; Nishigaki, M.; Dementhon, D.
122015Convergence analysis for iterative data-driven tight frame construction schemeBao, Chenglong ; JI HUI ; Shen, Zuowei 
13Jul-2019Cortical graph neural network for AD and MCI diagnosis and transfer learning across populationsWee, Chong-Yaw ; Liu, Chaoqiang ; Lee, Annie ; Poh, Joann S; Ji, Hui ; Qiu, Anqi 
142015Data-Driven Multi-scale Non-local Wavelet Frame Construction and Image RecoveryQuan Yuhui ; JI HUI ; Shen Zuowei 
152014Data-driven tight frame construction and image denoisingCai, J.-F.; Ji, H. ; Shen, Z. ; Ye, G.-B.
162011Dynamic texture classification using dynamic fractal analysisXu, Y.; Quan, Y.; Ling, H.; Ji, H. 
172013Fast sparsity-based orthogonal dictionary learning for image restorationBao, C.; Cai, J.-F.; Ji, H. 
18Feb-2012Framelet-based blind motion deblurring from a single imageCai, J.-F.; Ji, H. ; Liu, C. ; Shen, Z. 
192009High-quality curvelet-based motion deblurring from an image pairCai, J.-F. ; Ji, H. ; Liu, C. ; Shen, Z. 
208-Feb-2010Illusory motion due to causal time filteringFermüller, C.; Ji, H. ; Kitaoka, A.