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Agarwal,Ravi P
Agarwal, Ravi P.
Agarwal, R.R.
Agarwal, R.P.
Agarwal, R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2000A class of ergodic solutions of nonlinear differential equations and numerical treatmentAgarwal, R.P. ; Hong, J.; Liu, Y.
27-Oct-1997A collocation method for solving a class of singular nonlinear two-point boundary value problemsQu, R. ; Agarwal, R.P. 
3Aug-2000A coupled system of difference equationsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
4Nov-1998A fixed-point approach for nonlinear discrete boundary value problemsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
5Dec-1997A general approach to nonlinear multiple control problems with perturbation considerationLiu, Y.; Teo, K.L.; Agarwal, R.P. 
62001A generalization of the Krasnoselskii-Petryshyn compression and expansion theorem: An essential map approachAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
725-Sep-2001A generalization of the Petryshyn-Leggett-Williams fixed point theorem with applications to integral inclusionsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
815-Feb-2005A multiplicity result for second order impulsive differential equations via the Leggett Williams fixed point theoremAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
9Oct-1992A new representation for the error function for the hermite interpolation and sharper pointwise and uniform error bounds for the derivativesWong, P.J.Y.; Agarwal, R.P. 
1015-Nov-1985A new shooting method for multi-point discrete boundary value problemsGupta, R.C. ; Agarwal, R.P. 
112001A note on a singular integral equation arising in a problem in communicationsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
12Dec-1994A note on asymptotic splitting and its applicationsSheng, Q. ; Agarwal, R.P. 
13Aug-2001A note on equilibria for abstract economiesAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
1420-Jan-2000A note on the existence of multiple fixed points for multivalued maps with applicationsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
151999A note on upper and lower solutions for singular initial value problemsAgarwal, R.P. ; O'Regan, D.
16Jun-1998A subdivision approach to the construction of approximate solutions of boundary-value problems with deviating argumentsQu, R. ; Agarwal, R.P. 
17May-2002A uniqueness and existence theorem for a singular third-order boundary value problem on [0, ∞)Jiang, D.; Agarwal, R.P. 
18Apr-1993Abel-Gontscharoff boundary value problemsAgarwal, R.P. ; Sheng, Q. ; Wong, P.J.Y.
19Dec-1985An A-stable extended trapezoidal rule for the integration of ordinary differential equationsUsmani, R.A.; Agarwal, R.P. 
20Sep-1996An application of Hayashi's inequality for differentiate functionsAgarwal, R.P. ; Dragomir, S.S.