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Ho Yew Kee
(not current staff)
Kee Ho, Y.
Kee, H.Y.
Ho, Y.K.
Ho, Y.-K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-1999A model for setting accounting standards in a newly industrialized country : the case of SingaporeHo, Yew Kee ; Lim, Wei Shi 
2Oct-2005Agency costs and management contracting : granting executive stock options as a strategic compensation practiceLam, Swee-Sum ; Ho, Yew-Kee 
32006Agency costs and management contracting: Granting executive stock options as a strategic compensation practice?Lam, S.-S. ; Ho, Y.-K. 
42009Analysts' recommendations: From which signal does the market take its lead?Brown, R.; Chan, H.W.H.; Ho, Y.K. 
5May-2005Characteristics of earnings forecasts for Japanese firmsHo, Yew-Kee 
6Oct-2013Creditor control rights, loan enforcement and bankruptcy regimesLan, Luh Luh ; Ho, Yew Kee ; Premaratne, Hewage Ushan Saminda
7Feb-2013Diminishing marginal returns from R&D investment: Evidence from manufacturing firmsFaff, R.; Ho, Y.-K. ; Lin, W.; Yap, C.-M. 
82007Earnings surprises, asymmetry of returns, and market-level changes: An industry studyHo, Y.-K. ; Sequeira, J.M. 
92000Exploring the economic rationale of extremes in GARCH generated betas The case of U.S. banksMcKenzie, M.D.; Brooks, R.D.; Faff, R.W.; Ho, Y.K. 
102007Initiating coverage, broker reputation and management earnings forecasts in AustraliaBrown, R.; Chan, H.W.H.; Kee Ho, Y. 
112006Initiation of brokers' recommendations, market predictors and stock returnsChan, H.W.H.; Brown, R.; Ho, Y.K. 
12Jun-1999Linkages between Pacific-Basin foreign exchange markets : evidence from the pre- and post-July 2, 1997 in SingaporeJuay, Yi Shiun; Ng, Edward; Ho, Yew Kee 
13Jun-1999Lobbying on FAS #87 'employers' accounting for pensions' : new evidence on economic incentives and industry effectsHo, Yew Kee 
14Jun-1999Market concentration and bank deposit pricing in SingaporeNg, Edward Hon-khay ; Chan, Kwee Lin; Ho, Yew Kee 
152002New evidence on the impact of financial leverage on beta risk: A time-series approachFaff, R.W.; Brooks, R.D.; Kee, H.Y. 
162004R&D investment and systematic riskHo, Y.K. ; Xu, Z.; Yap, C.M. 
17Dec-2012Reported earnings and analyst forecasts as competing sources of information: A new approachAnderson, H.; Chan, H.; Faff, R.; Ho, Y.K. 
182006Size, leverage, concentration, and R&D investment in generating growth opportunitiesHo, Y.K. ; Tjahjapranata, M.; Yap, C.M. 
192009The effects of forecast specificity on the asymmetric short-window share market response to management earnings forecastsChan, H.; Faff, R.; Ho, Y.K. ; Ramsay, A.
202005The effects of R&D and advertising on firm value: An examination of manufacturing and nonmanufacturing firmsHo, Y.K. ; Keh, H.T.; Ong, J.M.