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Chua Seng Kee @ Sai Seng Kee
Chua, S.-K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A compact embedding theorem for generalized sobolev spacesChua, S.-K. ; Rodney, S.; Wheeden, R.L.
2Aug-2006A note on sharp 1-dimensional poincaré inequalitiesChua, S.-K. ; Wheeden, R.L.
3Oct-2010Average value problems in ordinary differential equationsChua, S.-K. 
431-May-2017Boundedness and regularity of solutions of degenerate elliptic partial differential equationsCHUA SENG KEE @ SAI SENG KEE 
52019Embedding and compact embedding for weighted and abstract sobolev spacesSeng-Kee Chua 
6Jul-2006Estimates of best constants for weighted poincaré inequalities on convex domainsChua, S.-K. ; Wheeden, R.L.
718-Aug-2017Existence of weak solutions to degenerate p-Laplacian equations and integral formulasChua, Seng Kee ; Wheeden, Richard L.
8Jun-2006Extension theorems on weighted Sobolev spaces and some applicationsChua, S.-K. 
9Jun-1996On weighted Sobolev spacesChua, S.-K. 
101-Dec-2008Self-improving properties of inequalities of Poincaré type on measure spaces and applicationsChua, S.-K. ; Wheeden, R.L.
112011Self-improving properties of inequalities of poincaré type on s-John DomainsChua, S.-K. ; Wheeden, R.L.
12Mar-2000Sharp conditions for weighted 1-dimensional Poincaré inequalitiesChua, S.-K. ; Wheeden, R.L.
13May-2005Sharp conditions for weighted Sobolev interpolation inequalitiesChua, S.-K. 
14Oct-2009Sobolev interpolation inequalities on generalized John domainsChua, S.-K. 
15Sep-2010Weighted Poincaré inequalities on convex domainChua, S.-K. ; Wheeden, R.L.
161999Weighted Sobolev interpolation inequalities on product spacesChua, S.-K.