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Andrew Karl Delios
Delios, A.
Delios A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A new tale of two cities: Japanese FDIs in Shanghai and Beijing, 1979-2003Ma, X.; Delios, A. 
22002A resource-based view of manufacturing strategy and the relationship to manufacturing performanceAnand, J.; Delios, A. 
32013An exploration of multinational enterprise knowledge resources and foreign subsidiary performanceFang, Y.; Wade, M.; Delios, A. ; Beamish, P.W.
42012Balancing growth across geographic diversification and product diversification: A contingency approachHashai, N.; Delios, A. 
5Dec-2013Beijing or Shanghai the strategic location choice of large MNEs' host-country headquarters in ChinaMa, X.; Delios, A. ; Lau, C.-M.
62006Business group affiliation and firm performance during institutional transitionGaur, A.S.; Delios, A. 
71-Jan-2021Centrality Asymmetry and Partner Complementarity as Influences on Alliance DissolutionHu, T; Jain, A ; Delios, A 
89-Nov-2021Consensus-based guidance for conducting and reporting multi-analyst studiesAczel, Balazs; Szaszi, Barnabas; Nilsonne, Gustav; van den Akker, Olmo R.; Albers, Casper J.; van Assen, Marcel Alm; Bastiaansen, Jojanneke A.; Benjamin, Daniel; Boehm, Udo; Botvinik-Nezer, Rotem; Bringmann, Laura F.; Busch, Niko A.; Caruyer, Emmanuel; Cataldo, Andrea M.; Cowan, Nelson; Delios, Andrew ; van Dongen, Noah N. N.; Donkin, Chris; van Doorn, Johnny B.; Dreber, Anna; Dutilh, Gilles; Egan, Gary F.; Gernsbacher, Morton Ann; Hoekstra, Rink; Hoffmann, Sabine; Holzmeister, Felix; Huber, Juergen; Johannesson, Magnus; Jonas, Kai J.; Kindel, Alexander T.; Kirchler, Michael; Kunkels, Yoram K.; Lindsay, D. Stephen; Mangin, Jean-Francois; Matzke, Dora; Munafò, Marcus R.; Newell, Ben R.; Nosek, Brian A.; Poldrack, Russell A.; Ravenzwaaij, Don Van; Rieskamp, Jorg; Salganik, Matthew J.; Sarafoglou, Alexandra; Schonberg, Tom; Schweinsberg, Martin; Shanks, David; Silberzahn, Raphael; Simons, Daniel J.; Spellman, Barbara A.; St-Jean, Samuel; Starns, Jeffrey J.; Uhlmann, Eric Luis; Wicherts, Jelte; Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan
92012Diversification and diffusion: A social networks and institutional perspectiveZhou, N.; Delios, A. 
102010Do shareholders or stakeholders appropriate the rents from corporate diversification? the influence of ownership structureDavid, P.; O'Brien, J.; Yoshikawa, T.; Delios, A. 
112005Editors' introduction: Special issue on networks in Asia pacific businessDacin, T.; Delios, A. 
122011Experience and a firm's performance in foreign markets: A commentary essayDelios, A. 
132006Failure-induced learning, causal ambiguity, and foreign market entryYang, J.Y.; Li, J.; Delios, A. 
142004Foreign expansion in service industries - Separability and human capital intensityBouquet, C.; Hébert, L.; Delios, A. 
15Jun-2013Government regulation, corruption, and FDIMudambi, R.; Navarra, P.; Delios, A. 
162010Host-country headquarters and an MNE's subsequent within-country diversificationsMa, X.; Delios, A. 
172010How can organizations be competitive but dare to care?Delios, A. 
182013How does export commitment and product diversity affect the international scope-firm performance relationship?: Evidence from JapanColpan, A.M.; Delios, A. ; Hikino, T.
192006How similar is the world in the internet era? a comparison of e-business in China, Russia, and SwedenFey, C.F.; de Koning, A.; Delios, A. 
202005Institutional environments, staffing strategies, and subsidiary performance: Lessons from Japanese MNCsGaur, A.S.; Delios, A. ; Singh, K.