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Lee Yew Hwa
Lee, Y.-H.
Hwa Lee, Y.
Lee, Y.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998A simple and efficient method of DNA isolation from orchid species and hybridsLim, S.H. ; Liew, C.F. ; Lim, C.N.; Lee, Y.H. ; Goh, C.J. 
222-Feb-1999Amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis of vandaceous orchidsChen, X.; Hoon Lim, S.; Man Wong, S. ; Hwa Lee, Y. ; Kuo, J.; Wing Yam, T.; Lin, J.-J.
31996An appraisal of the banded and paraerystailine cytoplasmic inclusions induced in cymbidium mosaic potexvirus- and odontoglossum ringspot tobamovirus infected orchid cells using confocal laser scanning microscopyWong, S.-M. ; Chng, C.G. ; Lee, Y.H. ; Lim, T.M. 
41996Breeding vandaceous orchids for commercial cut-flowers in Singapore: An overviewLee, Y.H. ; Wong, S.M. ; Tan, W.K.; Goh, C.J. 
51996Characterization of a Singapore isolate of hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virusWong, S.M. ; Chng, C.G. ; Chong, P.L.; Lee, Y.H. 
6Jan-1993Cytogenetic analysis of three Hordeum x Elymus hybridsLee, Y.H. ; Balyan, H.S.; Wang, B.J.; Fedak, G.
7Sep-1987Cytology and fertility of an intergeneric orchid hybridLee, Y.H. 
81994Genomic and meiotic analysis of Mokara orchidsLee, Y.H. 
9May-1991Genomic constitutions and flower characteristics of selected Aranda orchid cultivarsLee, Y.H. 
10May-1994Incidence of cymbidium mosaic and odontoglossum ringspot viruses and their significance in orchid cultivation in SingaporeWong, S.M. ; Chng, C.G. ; Lee, Y.H. ; Tan, K.; Zettler, F.W.
11Dec-1994Pollen formation and fruit set in some cultivars of Heliconia psittacorumLee, Y.H. ; Ng, N.Y.; Goh, C.J. 
12Feb-1999RAPD analysis of some species in the genus Vanda (Orchidaceae)Lim, S.-H. ; Teng, P.C.-P.; Lee, Y.-H. ; Goh, C.-J.