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Wong ,Wai Chow
Wong, W.C.
Wong, W.-C.
Wong, W.C
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11994A light and electron microscopical localisation of the superior salivatory nucleus of the ratNg, Y.K. ; Wong, W.C. ; Ling, E.A. 
21995A light- and electron microscopic study of tyrosine hydroxylase-like immunoreactivity in the ciliary ganglia of monkey (Macaca fascicularis) and catTan, C.K. ; Zhang, Y.L. ; Wong, W.C. 
31993A qualitative and quantitative study of substance P immuno-cytochemistry of the trigeminal ganglion in the monkeyNg, Y.K. ; Wong, W.C. ; Ling, E.A. 
41995A study of the structure and functions of the submandibular ganglion.Ng, Y.K. ; Wong, W.C. ; Ling, E.A. 
51993A study on the submandibular ganglion of the monkey with special reference to ultrastructural changes after lingual nerve sectioningNg, Y.K. ; Wong, W.C. ; Ling, E.A. 
61988An electron microscopic study of the nodose (inferior vagal) ganglion cells in the monkeyLing, E.-A. ; Wong, W.-C. 
71994An ultrastructural study of the ciliary ganglia of cat and monkey (Macaca fascicularis) following section of the short ciliary nervesZhang, Y.L. ; Tan, C.K. ; Wong, W.C. 
81989An ultrastructural study of the stellate ganglion of the pig-tailed monkey (Macaca nemestrina)Leong, S.K. ; Wong, W.C. 
91995An ultrastructural study of the submucous plexus of guinea pig intestine after unilateral vagotomyWang, X.-Y.; Wong, W.-C. ; Ling, E.-A. 
101994Arginine vasopressin- and oxytocin-like immunoreactive neurons in the hypothalamic paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei of streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsDheen, S.T.; Tay, S.S.W. ; Wong, W.C. 
111990Comparing the somal size and nuclear positions of the monkey stellate and coeliac ganglion cellsLeong, S.-K. ; Wong, W.-C. 
121990Degenerative changes of neurons in the superior cervical ganglion following an injection of Ricinus communis agglutinin-60 into the vagus nerve in hamstersLing, E.A. ; Shieh, J.; Wen, C.Y.; Chan, Y.G.; Wong, W.C. 
131989Development of the various glial cell types in the cerebral cortex of postnatal ratsKaur, C. ; Ling, E.A. ; Wong, W.C. 
141991Expression of major histocompatibility complex and leukocyte common antigens in amoeboid microglia in postnatal ratsLing, E.A. ; Kaur, C. ; Wong, W.C. 
151992Expression of major histocompatibility complex antigens and CR3 complement receptors in activated microglia following an injection of ricin into the sciatic nerve in ratsLing, E.A. ; Kaur, C. ; Wong, W.C. 
161978Fine structure of the myenteric and submucous plexuses in the stomach of a coral fish, Chelmon rostratus CuvierWong, W.C. ; Tan, C.K. 
171975Histochemical observations on the mucins of the gastrointestinal tract in the toad (Bufo melanostictus)Loo, S.K.; Wong, W.C. 
181992Immunocytochemical localisation of substance P in vagal ganglion cells and pericellular arborisations in the monkeyLing, E.A. ; Yick, T.Y.; Ng, G.L.; Wong, W.C 
191990Immunocytochemical localization of CR3 complement receptors with OX-42 in amoeboid microglia in postnatal ratsLing, E.A. ; Kaur, C. ; Yick, T.Y.; Wong, W.C. 
201980Innervation of the muscularis externa in the stomach of a coral fish, Chelmon rostratus CuvierTan, C.K. ; Wong, W.C.