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Zhang Jialin
(not current staff)
Zhang J.L
Zhang Jia Lin
Zhang, Jialin
Zhang J.L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Gap States Assisted MoO3 Nanobelt Photodetector with Wide Spectrum ResponseXiang, Du; Han, Cheng ; Zhang, Jialin ; Chen, Wei 
22015Plasmon-induced optical anisotropy in hybrid graphene-metal nanoparticle systemsZhang J.L. ; Wang Z.; Zhong J.Q. ; Yuan K.D.; Shen Q. ; Xu L.L. ; Niu T.C.; Gu C.D.; Wright C.A.; Tadich A.; Qi D.; Li H.X.; Wu K.; Xu G.Q. ; Li Z.; Chen W. 
36-Nov-2020Polarity- And Pressure-Dependent Hydrogen Dynamics on ZnO Polar Surfaces Revealed by Near-Ambient-Pressure X-ray Photoelectron SpectroscopyMa Z.; Yang K.; Lian X.; Sun S. ; Gu C. ; Zhang J.L. ; West D.; Zhang S.; Liu L.; Yuan K.; Sun Y.-Y.; Li H.; Chen W. 
42020Pressure-dependent band-bending in ZnO: A near-ambientpressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studyZhirui Ma; Xu Lian; Kaidi Yuan; Shuo Sun ; Chengding Gu ; Jia Lin Zhang ; Jing Lyu; Jian-Qiang Zhong|Lei Liue; Hexing Li; Wei Chen 
52015Rational design of two-dimensional molecular donor-acceptor nanostructure arraysZhang J.L ; Zhong S ; Zhong J.Q ; Niu T.C; Hu W.P; Wee A.T.S ; Chen W 
62015Self-assembled two-dimensional nanoporous molecular arrays and photoinduced polymerization of 4-bromo-4?-hydroxybiphenyl on Ag(111)Shen Qian ; He Jing Hui ; Zhang Jia Lin ; Wu Kai; Xu Guo Qin ; Wee Thye Shen, Andrew ; Chen Wei 
716-Jun-2020Single-molecule imaging of dinitrogen molecule adsorption on individual iron phthalocyanineGu C. ; Zhang J.L. ; Zhong J.Q.; Shen Q.; Zhou X.; Yuan K.; Sun S. ; Lian X.; Ma Z.; Chen W.