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Jiat Hwee Chang
Jiat-Hwee Chang
Chang, Jiat Hwee
Chang, J-H

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture: Colonial Networks, Nature and TechnoscienceChang, Jiat Hwee 
27-Apr-2018Adding value without demolition, rebuilding: regenerating Singapore’s modernist iconsChang, Jiat Hwee ; Ho, Weng Hin 
31-Jan-2022Atmospheric Exchanges: Air-conditioning, Thermal Material Culture, and Public Housing in SingaporeChang, J.-H. 
42022Bangkok Utopia: Modern Architecture and Buddhist Felicities, 1910-1973Chang, Jiat hwee 
51-Nov-2010Building a colonial technoscientific network: Tropical architecture, building science and the politics of decolonizationChang, JH 
62014City & Neighbourhood Report : SingaporeChang, Jiat Hwee ; Ho, Kong Chong ; Skelton, Tracey 
72020Climatic Design and Its Others: “Southern” Perspectives in the Age of the AnthropoceneJennifer Ferng; Jiat-Hwee Chang ; Erik L'Heureux ; Daniel Ryan
818-Dec-2020Conserve a Building, Save the PlanetChang, Jiat Hwee ; Ho, Weng Hing; Tan, Kar Ling
926-Apr-2023Cosmopolitanism's Agents and Architectural WorldmakingEunice Seng; Jiat-Hwee Chang 
102006Curating and collecting architecture: An amateur's viewCHANG JIAT HWEE 
112010Deviating discourse: Tay Kheng Soon and the architecture of postcolonial development in Tropical AsiaChang, J.-H. 
122020Editorial: Historicizing Entanglements of Architecture and Comfort beyond the Temperate Zone - part 1Chang, Jiat-Hwee ; Ryan, Daniel J
132020Editorial: Historicizing Entanglements of Architecture and Comfort beyond the Temperate Zone - part 2Ryan, Daniel J; Chang, Jiat-Hwee 
141-Jan-2023Everyday Modernism: Architecture and Society in SingaporeJiat Hwee Chang ; Justin Zhuang
151-May-2021From Air-conditioned Modernity to Lower-Carbon Alternatives: The case of Singapore responding to the Climate CrisisChang, Jiat Hwee ; Ng, Jason CS 
162003Hybrid modernities and tropical architecture in Southeast AsiaChang, Jiat Hwee 
172015In Search of the UrbanChang, Jiat Hwee 
182022Incorporating networks in semantic understanding of streetscapes: Contextualising active mobility decisionsYap, Winston; Chang, Jiat-Hwee ; Biljecki, Filip 
192011Introduction -'Tropicality-in-motion': Situating tropical architectureChee, L. ; Chang, J.-H. ; Wong, B.C. 
204-Apr-2019Las Vegas in Singapore: violence, progress and the crisis of nationalist modernityJiat-Hwee Chang