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Wu Zhonghua
(not current staff)
Wu, Z.H.
Zhonghua, W.
Wu, Z.
Wu, Z.-H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A parametric study of spray drying of a solution in a pulsating high-temperature turbulent flowWu, Z. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
22008CFD evaluation of droplet drying models in a spray dryer fitted with a rotary atomizerWoo, M.W.; Daud, W.R.W.; Mujumdar, A.S. ; Wu, Z.-H. ; Talib, M.Z.M.; Tasirin, S.M.
39-Apr-2008CFD modeling of the gas-particle flow behavior in spouted bedsZhonghua, W. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
4Jul-2010Dewatering and drying in mineral processing industry: Potential for innovationWu, Z.H. ; Hu, Y.J.; Lee, D.J.; Mujumdar, A.S. ; Li, Z.Y.
52008EditorialMujumdar, A.S. ; Zhonghua, W. 
62009Innovative hydrocyclone inlet designs to reduce erosion-induced wear in mineral dewatering processesXu, P.; Wu, Z. ; Mujumdar, A.S. ; Yu, B.
7Jan-2010Investigation of flow behaviors and bubble characteristics of a pulse fluidized bed via CFD modelingLi, Z.; Su, W.; Wu, Z. ; Wang, R.; Mujumdar, A.S. 
82009Low-rank coal drying technologies - Current status and new developmentsKarthikeyan, M. ; Zhonghua, W. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
95-Jan-2009Non-swirling steady and transient flow simulations in short-form spray dryersWoo, M.W.; Daud, W.R.W.; Mujumdar, A.S. ; Wu, Z. ; Talib, M.Z.M.; Tasirin, S.M.
102009Novel gas-fired pulse combustors-design evaluation via simulationZhonghua, W. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
112009Optimization of post combustion in an electric arc furnace for advanced steelmakingZhonghua, W. ; Mazumdar, D.; Mujumdar, A.S. 
12Mar-2008Pulse combustion characteristics of various gaseous fuelsZhonghua, W. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
132006R&D needs and opportunities in pulse combustion and pulse combustion dryingZhonghua, W. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
14Jan-2007Simulation of the hydrodynamics and drying in a spouted bed dryerZhonghua, W. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
15Jan-2008Thermal drying technologies - Cost-effective innovation aided by mathematical modeling approachMujumdar, A. ; Zhonghua, W.