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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-20192018. Securities and Financial Services RegulationTjio Hans 
210-Jun-20202019. Securities and Financial Services RegulationHans, Tjio 
314-Jul-20212020. Securities and Financial Services RegulationHans, Tjio 
414-Sep-2022Adjudicating Intermediary-Related LossesHans, Tjio 
52013Challenges to Singapore from the global financial crisis: Actual and suggested legal and regulatory responsesTjio, H. 
61-Oct-2021Company LawHans, Tjio ; Lee, Pey Woan; Koh, Pearlie
72020Covid-19 tips balance further in favour of shareholders over creditorsHans, Tjio ; Chan, Melvin
86-Dec-2020Facilitating the Optimal Mechanism in Mergers & Acquisitions: A Comparative Perspective from the Commonwealth and United StatesKhoo, Chian Yian Kenneth ; Hans, Tjio 
915-Apr-2020Financing the Belt and Road Initiative: Can Singapore Help in Securitizing It?Tjio, Hans 
10Mar-2019Merrill and Smith’S intermediate rights lying between contract and property: Are Singapore trusts and secured transactions drifting away from English law towards American law?Tjio, Hans 
1114-May-2020No Magic to the Indoor Management RuleTjio Hans ; Ang, Daniel
1227-Jun-2020Of asses, art and alternative assetsTjio Hans ; Yuen Thio, Stefanie
1317-Dec-2021Restructuring Business Trusts as Unregistered CompaniesTJIO HANS 
1421-Dec-2021Restructuring Business Trusts as Unregistered CompaniesTJIO HANS 
1514-Sep-2022Singapore as International Debt Restructuring Center: Aspiration and ChallengesHans, Tjio ; Wee, meng seng 
1610-Jun-2008Suggestions for sound corp governanceTjio Hans ; Png, Ivan 
172021The Inherent Weakness of Floating ChargesDaniel Ang; Tjio, Hans