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Andrew Arnold Lover
Lover, A.
Lover, A.A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011An exploratory study of treated-bed nets in Timor-Leste: Patterns of intended and alternative usageLover, A. ; Sutton, B.; Asy, A.; Wilder-Smith, A.
22016Early diagnosis of dengue disease severity in a resource-limited Asian countryCavailler P.; Tarantola A.; Leo Y.S. ; Lover A.A. ; Rachline A.; Duch M.; Huy R.; Quake A.L. ; Kdan Y.; Duong V.; Brett J.L.; Buchy P.
3Jun-2011Hypothesis: Impregnated school uniforms reduce the incidence of dengue infections in school childrenWilder-Smith, A.; Lover, A. ; Kittayapong, P.; Burnham, G.
422-Oct-2013Progression from new methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus colonisation to infection: An observational study in a hospital cohortBalm, M.N.D.; Lover, A.A. ; Salmon, S.; Tambyah, P.A.; Fisher, D.A.
5Jul-2013Quantifying effect of geographic location on epidemiology of plasmodium vivax malariaLover, A.A. ; Coker, R.J.
62014Spatial epidemiology and climatic predictors of paediatric dengue infections captured via sentinel site surveillance, Phnom Penh Cambodia 2011-2012Lover, A.A ; Buchy, P; Rachline, A; Moniboth, D; Huy, R; Meng, C.Y; Leo, Y.S ; Yuvatha, K; Sophal, U; Chantha, N; Bunthin, Y; Duong, V; Goyet, S; Brett, J.L; Tarantola, A; Cavailler, P.
72013The challenges of malaria eliminationLover, A.A. ; Coker, R.J.
82014The distribution of incubation and relapse times in experimental human infections with the malaria parasite Plasmodium vivaxLover A.A. ; Zhao X. ; Gao Z.; Coker R.J.; Cook A.R.