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Yang Miang Goh
Goh, Y.M.
Goh, Yang Miang

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016A hybrid simulation approach for integrating safety behavior into construction planning: An earthmoving case studyGoh Y.M. ; Askar Ali M.J. 
22012A new approach to criteria for health risk assessmentSpickett J.; Katscherian D.; Goh Y.M. 
32009A Review of Technical Requirements for Fall Arrest Energy Absorbers.Goh Y.M. 
42018A system dynamics view of a behavior-based safety program in the construction industryGuo B.H.W. ; Goh Y.M. ; Le Xin Wong K.
52014A systematic literature review of current research on prevention and protection of fall from height.Poon, L. L.; Goh Y.M. ; Zhou, Z.
62010Adequacy of personal fall arrest energy absorbers in relation to heavy workersGoh Y.M. ; Love P.E.D.
72017An Ensemble Approach for Classification of Accident Narratives.Ubeynarayana C.U. ; Goh Y.M. 
82016An Investigation into Post-Accident Disputes Involving Migrant Workers in Singapore.Teo, W. C.; Goh Y.M. 
92016An Investigation of BIM Readiness of Owners and Facility Managers in Singapore: Institutional Case study.Shen L. ; Edirisinghe , R.; Goh Y.M. 
102002Application of case based reasoning in construction safety planningChua, D.K.H. ; Goh, Y.M. 
112010Applying systems thinking concepts in the analysis of major incidents and safety cultureGoh Y.M. ; Brown H.; Spickett J.
12Dec-2023Automated classification of “cluttered” construction housekeeping images through supervised and self-supervised feature representation learningLim, Yu Guang ; Wu, Junxian; Goh, Yang Miang ; Tian, Jing; Gan, Vincent
132010Burning down the house: Burnout and sense of coherence among real estate agentsLove P.E.D.; Goh Y.M. ; Hogg K.; Robson S.
142011Burnout and sense of coherence among residential real estate brokersLove P.E.D.; Goh Y.M. ; Hogg K.; Robson S.; Irani Z.
152015Cognitive factors influencing safety behavior at height: A multimethod exploratory studyGoh Y.M. ; Nur Faddilah binte Sa'adon
162017Construction accident narrative classification: An evaluation of text mining techniquesGoh Y.M. ; Ubeynarayana C.U. 
172011Design error reduction: Toward the effective utilization of building information modelingLove P.E.D.; Edwards D.J.; Han S.; Goh Y.M. 
182012Design of Fall Arrest Systems: A Review of the Current Issues in the Singapore Construction Industry.Hoe, Y. P.; Goh Y.M. ; Sim, S. Y.
1921-Mar-2019Developing a generic and aggregate model of system dynamics for construction safetyHongwei Guo; Tak-wing Yiu; Vicente Gonzalez; Yang Miang Goh 
2029-Dec-2023Development of the Design-for-Safety (DfS) Climate Construct and Validation of DfS Measurement ToolYang Miang Goh ; Shu Hui Michelle Lim