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Hsiao Rueylin
(not current staff)
Hsiao, R.-L.
Ruey-Lin, H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2005Electronic sourcing adoption : benefits, challenges and limitationsHsiao, Ruey-Lin ; Teo, Thompson S. H. 
22006Failure trap: Cyclical failures in is implementationRuey-Lin, H. 
3Mar-2003Guanxi : the production of trust in an electronic marketplaceHsiao, Rueylin 
4May-2002If we can codify what they know : exploring the resistance to knowledge management systemsHsiao, Rueylin ; Tsai, Stephen; Lee, Ching-Fang
5Oct-2014Learning outcome in technology mediated instruction : a cognitive perspectiveHsiao, Ruey-Lin 
62005Limits to electronic sourcing adoption in Chinese healthcare sector: A contextualist perspectiveRuey-Lin, H. ; Teo, T.S.H. ; Li, J.
72007Misaligned market: The importance of industry context in technology-mediated exchangesHsiao, R.-L. 
8Jan-2006Sensitive taxi : situated practices and patterns of technology sensemakingHsiao, Ruey-Lin ; Wu, Se-Hwa; Sheng-TsungHou
92003Technology fears: Distrust and cultural persistence in electronic marketplace adoptionHsiao, R.-L. 
102005Technology transfer in cross-national context: Experiences of an online market failure in Chinese food industryRuey-Lin, H. ; Yao, L.; Shin-Horng, C.
11Jul-2001The adoption difficulty of B2B e-Commerce in AsiaHsiao, Rueylin 
12Oct-2001The dynamics of repeated IT failures : using opposing forces analysisHsiao, Rueylin ; Ormerod, Richard
132006The more we study, the less we learn: A primer on the analysis of TML effectivenessHsiao, R.-L. ; Kuo, F.-Y.; Chu, T.-H.
142006The problems of embeddedness: Knowledge transfer, coordination and reuse in information systemsHsiao, R.-L. ; Tsai, S.D.-H.; Lee, C.-F.
15Apr-2001The process of becoming dot-comHsiao, Rueylin ; Chong, Chee Leong 
16Sep-2000The sequential impact of IT-enabled change : a chain-reaction model of changeHsiao, Rueylin 
17Oct-2000The unintended consequence of IT-enabled change : a time-frame perspectiveHsiao, Rueylin 
182006To share or not to share: Hidden agendas in knowledge sharingHsiao, R.-L. ; Ho, A.; Liu, C.