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Guangzhou, Albert Hu
Hu, A.G.
Hu, A.
Hu, A.G.Z.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A great wall of patents: What is behind China's recent patent explosion?Hu, A.G. ; Jefferson, G.H.
22002FDI impact and spillover: Evidence from China's electronic and textile industriesHu, A.G.Z. ; Jefferson, G.H.
311-Nov-2009Ideas and innovation in East AsiaBrahmbhatt, M.; Hu, A. 
4Jul-2004Multinational corporations, patenting, and knowledge flow: The case of SingaporeHu, A.G. 
52003Ownership, performance, and innovation in China's large- and medium-size industrial enterprise sectorJefferson, G.; Hu, A.G.Z. ; Guan, X.; Yu, X.
62003Patent citations and international knowledge flow: The cases of Korea and TaiwanHu, A.G.Z. ; Jaffe, A.B.
72010Propensity to patent, competition and China's foreign patenting surgeHu, A.G. 
8Nov-2005R&D and technology transfer: Firm-level evidence from Chinese industryHu, A.G.Z. ; Jefferson, G.H.; Jinchang, Q.
92004Returns to research and development in Chinese industry: Evidence from state-owned enterprises in BeijingHu, A.G. ; Jefferson, G.H.
1018-Nov-2020Tacit knowledge, localization push, and diffusion of science: Evidence from SingaporeHu, Albert G. Z. ; Ly, Vu Thinh
112007Technology parks and regional economic growth in ChinaHu, A.G. 
12Sep-2009The Regionalization of Knowledge Flows in East Asia: Evidence from Patent Citations DataHu, A.G. 
132006The sources and sustainability of China's economic growthJefferson, G.H.; Hu, A.G.Z. ; Su, J.; Bosworth, B.P.; Ranis, G.