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Leung Ho-Hon,Denny
Leung, Ho-Hon Denny
Leung, D.H.
Leung, D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A gauge approach to an ordinal index of Baire one functionsLeung, D.H. ; Tang, W.-K.; Zulijanto, A.
215-Oct-2000An asymptotic property of Schachermayer's space under renormingKutzarova, D.; Leung, D.H. 
3Mar-2010Banach-Stone Theorems for maps preserving common zerosLeung, D.H. ; Tang, W.-K.
42010Biseparating maps on generalized Lipschitz spacesLeung, D.H. 
52013Compact and weakly compact disjointness preserving operators on spaces of differentiable functionsLeung, D.H. ; Wang, Y.-S.
62003Functions of Baire class oneLeung, D.H. ; Tang, W.-K.
72015Ideals of operators on (⊕ℓ∞(n))<inf>ℓ</inf> 1Leung, Ho-Hon Denny 
81-Sep-2011Local operators on CpLeung, D.H. ; Wang, Y.-S.
92008More mixed tsirelson spaces that are not isomorphic to their modified versionsLeung, D.H. ; Tang, W.-T.
102000On order continuous normsChung, S.I.-K.; Leung, D. 
112000On the complemented subspaces of the Schreier spacesGasparis, I.; Leung, D.H. 
121996Operators from a subspace of the James space into its dualLeung, D.H. 
132013Order isomorphisms on function spacesLeung, D.H. ; Li, L.
14Sep-1998Property (u) in J H⊗̃εJ HLeung, D.H. 
151997Purely non-atomic weak Lp spacesLeung, D.H. 
16Oct-2008Semilattice structures of spreading modelsLeung, D.H. ; Tang, W.-K.
17Feb-1994Some isomorphically polyhedral orlicz sequence spacesLeung, D.H. 
181996Some remarks on regular banach spacesLeung, D.H. 
19Jun-1999Symmetric sequence subspaces of C(α)Leung, D.H. 
20Apr-1999Symmetric sequence subspaces of C(α), IILeung, D.H. ; Tang, W.-K.