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Yosuke Sato
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Sato, Yosuke
Sato, Y.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Argument ellipsis in Colloquial Singapore English and the Anti-Agreement HypothesisSato, Y. 
22015Cortico-cortical activity between the primary and supplementary motor cortex: An intraoperative near-infrared spectroscopy studyFukuda, M; Takao, T; Hiraishi, T; Aoki, H; Ogura, R; Sato, Y ; Fujii, Y
32014Definiteness as Agreement: Comparative Evidence from Argument Ellipsis in AsiaSato, Yosuke 
4Nov-2013Fragments, ellipsis, and PF-repair: New evidence from indonesianSato, Y. 
5Jun-2012Got-interrogatives and answers in Colloquial Singapore EnglishHiramoto, M. ; Sato, Y. 
6Sep-2012Multiple Spell-Out and Contraction at the Syntax-Phonology InterfaceSato, Y. 
7May-2012On the Argument Structure of Zi-Verbs in Japanese: Reply to Tsujimura and Aikawa (1999)Kishida, M.; Sato, Y. 
8Jul-2011On the movement theory of obligatory control: Voices from standard IndonesianSato, Y. 
9Nov-2010One-replacement and the label-less theory of adjunctsSato, Y. 
10Nov-2011P-stranding under sluicing and repair by ellipsis: Why is Indonesian (not) special?Sato, Y. 
11Sep-2012Particle-Stranding Ellipsis in Japanese, Phase Theory, and the Privilege of the RootSato, Y. 
122011Radical pro drop and fusional pronominal morphology in colloquial singapore english: reply to neeleman and szendrO{double acute}iSato, Y. 
13Jun-2012Radical pro drop and the role of syntactic agreement in Colloquial Singapore EnglishSato, Y. ; Kim, C. 
14Apr-2012Successive cyclicity at the syntax-morphology interface: Evidence from standard Indonesian and Kendal JavaneseSato, Y.