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Stephane Bressan
Bressan, S.
Bressan, Stephane

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A Collaboration Platform for Enabling Industrial Symbiosis: Application of the Database Engine for Waste-to-Resource MatchingLow, J.S.C.; Tjandra, T.B.; Yunus, F. ; Chung, S.Y.; Tan, D.Z.L.; Raabe, B.; Ting, N.Y.; Yeo, Z.; Bressan, S. ; Ramakrishna, S. ; Herrmann, C.
22012A framework for conditioning uncertain relational dataTang, R.; Cheng, R.; Wu, H.; Bressan, S. 
32010A graphical query language for an XPDL repositoryHan, D.K.; Boucelma, O.; Bressan, S. ; Handayani, P.W.
42012A hybrid approach for general XML query processingWu, H.; Tang, R.; Ling, T.W. ; Zeng, Y.; Bressan, S. 
52008A random walk on the red carpet: Rating movies with user reviews and pagerankWijaya, D.T.; Bressan, S. 
62005A SAT approach to query optimization in mediator systemsPrestwich, S.; Bressan, S. 
72010A simple, yet effective and efficient, sliding window sampling algorithmLu, X.; Tok, W.H.; Raissi, C. ; Bressan, S. 
82008A stratified approach to progressive approximate joinsTok, W.H. ; Bressan, S. ; Lee, M.-L. 
92010A utilization of schema constraints to transform predicates in XPath queryThi Le, D.X.; Bressan, S. ; Pardede, E.; Taniar, D.; Rahayu, W.
102005Accelerating queries by pruning XML documentsBressan, S. ; Catania, B.; Lacroix, Z.; Li, Y.G. ; Maddalena, A.
112004Adaptive double routing indices: Combining effectiveness and efficiency in P2P systemsBressan, S. ; Hidayanto, A.N.; Liau, C.Y. ; Hasibuan, Z.A.
122003Adaptive peer-to-peer routing with proximityLiau, C.Y. ; Hidayanto, A.N.; Bressan, S. 
132013An effective and efficient parallel approach for random graph generation over GPUsBressan, S. ; Cuzzocrea, A.; Karras, P. ; Lu, X.; Nobari, S.H.
142006Answering queries in the presence of XML keysEssid, M.; Boucelma, O.; Bressan, S. 
153-Oct-2006Apparatus and method for performing transformation-based indexing of high-dimensional dataOOI, BENG CHIN ; TAN, KIAN LEE ; BRESSAN, STEPHEN ; YU, CUI
162007Application of association rules mining to Named Entity Recognition and co-reference resolution for the Indonesian languageBudi, I.; Bressan, S. 
172011ASSIST: Access controlled ship identification streamsMalhotra, B.; Tan, W.-J. ; Cao, J.; Kister, T.; Bressan, S. ; Tan, K.-L. 
182011Biased shortest path trees in wireless networksMalhotra, B.; Nikolaidis, I.; Nascimento, M.A.; Bressan, S. 
192006Clustering Web documents using co-citation, coupling, incoming, and outgoing hyperlinks: A comparative performance analysis of algorithmsWijaya, D.T.; Bressan, S. 
202009Clustering-based frequency l-diversity anonymizationZare-Mirakabad, M.-R.; Jantan, A.; Bressan, S.