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Chen Lin
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Chen, L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2010Additivity and non-additivity of multipartite entanglement measuresZhu, H.; Chen, L. ; Hayashi, M.
23-Sep-2010Computation of the geometric measure of entanglement for pure multiqubit statesChen, L. ; Xu, A.; Zhu, H.
313-Jan-2011Connections of geometric measure of entanglement of pure symmetric states to quantum state estimationChen, L. ; Zhu, H.; Wei, T.-C.
420-Dec-2011Description of rank four entangled states of two qutrits having positive partial transposeChen, L. ; Doković, D.Ž.
515-Feb-2011Detecting multipartite classical states and their resemblancesChen, L. ; Chitambar, E.; Modi, K. ; Vacanti, G.
615-Jul-2011Distillability and PPT entanglement of low-rank quantum statesChen, L. ; Doković, D.Z.
715-Aug-2012Dynamics of quantum discord in the purification processSong, W.; Chen, L. ; Yang, M.; Cao, Z.-L.
812-Sep-2012Equivalence classes and canonical forms for two-qutrit entangled states of rank four having positive partial transposeChen, L. ; Doković, D.Z.
912-Jul-2012Erratum: "Description of rank four entangled states of two qutrits having positive partial transpose" [J. Math. Phys. 52, 122203 (2011)]Chen, L. ; Doković, D.Ž.
1010-Feb-2012Erratum: Distillability and PPT entanglement of low-rank quantum states (Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical (2011) 44 (285303))Chen, L. ; Doković, D.Z.
1123-Jul-2010Evaluation of two different entanglement measures on a bound entangled stateBranciard, C.; Zhu, H.; Chen, L. ; Scarani, V. 
1228-Feb-2011Multicopy and stochastic transformation of multipartite pure statesChen, L. ; Hayashi, M.
1310-Nov-2012Nondistillable entanglement guarantees distillable entanglementChen, L. ; Hayashi, M.
14Oct-2013Properties and Construction of Extreme Bipartite States Having Positive Partial TransposeChen, L. ; Doković, D.Ž.
1527-Dec-2012Qubit-qudit states with positive partial transposeChen, L. ; Crossed D Signoković, D.Z.
1612-Jul-2013Separability problem for multipartite states of rank at most 4Chen, L. ; Doković, D.Z.
176-Aug-2009Sudden death of distillability in qutrit-qutrit systemsSong, W.; Chen, L. ; Zhu, S.-L.
188-Nov-2010Tensor rank and stochastic entanglement catalysis for multipartite pure statesChen, L. ; Chitambar, E.; Duan, R.; Ji, Z.; Winter, A. 
1921-Jul-2011Weaker entanglement between two parties guarantees stronger entanglement with a third partyHayashi, M.; Chen, L.