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Wong Wing Keung
(not current staff)
Wong, W.-K.
Keung, W.W.
Wong, W.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11999A note on convex stochastic dominanceWong, W.-K. ; Li, C.-K.
22007Are mortgage and capital markets integrated in the USA? A study of time-varying cointegrationWong, W.-K. ; Penm, J.; Service, D.
32006Do money and interest rates matter for stock prices? An econometric study of Singapore and USAWong, W.-K. ; Du, J.; Khan, H.
42-Aug-2007Does the US IT stock market dominate other IT stock markets: Evidence from multivariate GARCH modelQiao, Z.; Liew, V.K.-S.; Wong, W.-K. 
52006Elasticity of risk aversion and international tradeBroll, U.; Wahl, J.E.; Wong, W.-K. 
62005Estimating parameters in autoregressive models with asymmetric innovationsWong, W.-K. ; Bian, G.
71999Extension of stochastic dominance theory to random variablesLi, C.-K.; Wong, W.-K. 
81997Government policies and private housing prices in SingaporePhang, S.-Y.; Wong, W.-K. 
92004How good are trade and telephone call traffic in bridging income gaps and TFP gaps?Wong, W.-K. 
102003How rewarding is technical analysis? Evidence from Singapore stock marketWong, W.-K. ; Manzur, M.; Chew, B.-K.
112004Linkage between stock market prices and exchange rate: A causality analysis for PakistanFarooq, M.T.; Keung, W.W. 
122008Long-run equilibrium, short-term adjustment, and spillover effects across Chinese segmented stock markets and the Hong Kong stock marketQiao, Z.; Chiang, T.C.; Wong, W.-K. 
13Nov-1999Measuring international competitiveness: Experience from East AsiaManzur, M.; Wong, W.-K. ; Chee, I.-C.
142008Preferences over location-scale familyWong, W.-K. ; Ma, C.
152007Profitability of intraday and interday momentum strategiesLam, V.W.-S.; Chong, T.T.-L.; Wong, W.-K. 
162008Prospect and Markowitz stochastic dominanceWong, W.-K. ; Chan, R.H.
172007Revisiting calendar anomalies in Asian stock markets using a stochastic dominance approachLean, H.H.; Smyth, R.; Wong, W.-K. 
181996Singapore's experience with car quotas: Issues and policy processesPhang, S.-Y. ; Wong, W.-K. ; Chia, N.-C. 
192008Stochastic dominance analysis of Asian hedge fundsWong, W.-K. ; Phoon, K.F.; Lean, H.H.
202007Stochastic dominance analysis of iSharesGasbarro, D.; Wong, W.-K. ; Zumwalt, J.K.