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Yong Mun Cheong
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Yong, Mun Cheong
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11992Asian traditions and modernization: Perspectives from SingaporeYong, Mun Cheong 
22004Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (‘Unity in Diversity’); Decolonization of Southeast Asia; Dutch Police Action (First, Second); Indonesian Revolution (1945–1949); Linggadjati (Linggajati) Agreement (1947); Madiun Affair (September 1948); Nationalism and Independence Movements in Southeast Asia; Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI)(1920); Renville Agreement (January 1948); Short Declaration, Long Contract; Van Mook, DR. Hubertus Johannes (1894-1965)Yong, Mun Cheong 
31997Indonesia’s Singapore connection, 1945-1948Yong, Mun Cheong 
41996National History from the sidelines: The enrichment of historiography by studying documents in their contextYong, Mun Cheong 
51995Singapore-India Relations: A PrimerYong, Mun Cheong ; Rao, V. V. Bhanoji 
62001Singapore: on being smallYong, Mun Cheong 
71992Singapore: The city-state in historyYong, Mun Cheong 
81988Soldiers and Stability in Southeast AsiaDjiwandono, J. Soedjati; Yong, Mun Cheong 
92003Southeast Asian History, Literary Theory and ChaosYong, Mun Cheong 
10Mar-1976The Indonesian Army and Functional Groups, 1957-59Yong, Mun Cheong 
112004The Indonesian Revolution and the Singapore Connection, 1945-1949Yong Mun Cheong 
122003The Indonesian Revolution and the Singapore Connection: 1945-1949Yong, Mun Cheong 
131993The political structures of the independent statesYong, Mun Cheong