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1Jul-2008A dialogue between the Sirène pathway in synergids and the Fertilization Independent Seed pathway in the central cell controls male gamete release during double fertilization in ArabidopsisRotman, N.; Gourgues, M.; Guitton, A.-E.; Faure, J.-E.; Berger, F. 
22012A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variantsTalbert, P.B.; Ahmad, K.; Almouzni, G.; Ausiá, J.; Berger, F. ; Bhalla, P.L.; Bonner, W.M.; Cande, W.Z.; Chadwick, B.P.; Chan, S.W.L.; Cross, G.A.M.; Cui, L.; Dimitrov, S.I.; Doenecke, D.; Eirin-Lápez, J.M.; Gorovsky, M.A.; Hake, S.B.; Hamkalo, B.A.; Holec, S.; Jacobsen, S.E.; Kamieniarz, K.; Khochbin, S.; Ladurner, A.G.; Landsman, D.; Latham, J.A.; Loppin, B.; Malik, H.S.; Marzluff, W.F.; Pehrson, J.R.; Postberg, J.; Schneider, R.; Singh, M.B.; Smith, M.M.; Thompson, E.; Torres-Padilla, M.-E.; Tremethick, D.J.; Turner, B.M.; Waterborg, J.H.; Wollmann, H.; Yelagandula, R.; Zhu, B.; Henikoff, S.
331-Mar-2007Arabidopsis as a model for understanding the basics of endosperm developmentBerger, F. ; Fitz Gerald, J.N.; Ingouff, M.
42008Chromatin and the cell cycle meet in MadridDominguez, M.; Berger, F. 
52005Control of reproduction by Polycomb Group complexes in animals and plantsGuitton, A.-E.; Berger, F. 
6Apr-2007Convergent evolution of genomic imprinting in plants and mammalsFeil, R.; Berger, F. 
719-Jun-2007Distinct Dynamics of HISTONE3 Variants between the Two Fertilization Products in PlantsIngouff, M.; Hamamura, Y.; Gourgues, M.; Higashiyama, T.; Berger, F. 
82010DNA LIGASE I exerts a maternal effect on seed development in Arabidopsis thalianaAndreuzza, S.; Li, J. ; Chen, Z.; Berger, F. ; Guitton, A.-E.; Faure, J.-E.; Casanova, S.; Park, J.-S.; Choi, Y.
928-May-2008DNA methylation causes predominant maternal controls of plant embryo growthFitzGerald, J.; Luo, M.; Chaudhury, A.; Berger, F. 
10Sep-2010DNA methylation reprogramming during plant sexual reproduction?Jullien, P.E.; Berger, F. 
11Aug-2008Double fertilization - caught in the actBerger, F. ; Hamamura, Y.; Ingouff, M.; Higashiyama, T.
122014Dynamic F-actin movement is essential for fertilization in Arabidopsis thalianaKawashima T.; Maruyama D.; Shagirov M. ; Li J. ; Hamamura Y.; Yelagandula R.; Toyama Y. ; Berger F. 
13Dec-2008EditorialBerger, F. 
14Dec-2006Endosperm: an integrator of seed growth and developmentBerger, F. ; Grini, P.E.; Schnittger, A.
15Jun-2006Maintenance of DNA methylation during the arabidopsis life cycle is essential for parental imprintingJullien, P.E.; Kinoshita, T.; Ohad, N.; Berger, F. 
162005Maternal control of integument cell elongation and zygotic control of endosperm growth are coordinated to determine seed size in arabidopsisGarcia, D.; Gerald, J.N.F.; Berger, F. 
17Nov-2008Maternal control of male-gamete delivery in arabidopsis Involves a putative GPI-anchored protein encoded by the lorelei geneCapron, A.; Gourgues, M.; Neiva, L.S.; Faure, J.-E.; Berger, F. ; Pagnussat, G.; Krishnan, A.; Alvarez-Mejia, C.; Vielle-Calzada, J.-P.; Lee, Y.-R.; Liu, B.; Sundaresan, V.
1829-Nov-2005MINISEED3 (MINI3), a WRKY family gene, and HAIKU2 (IKU2), a leucine-rich repeat (LRR) KINASE gene, are regulators of seed size in ArabidopsisLuo, M.; Dennis, E.S.; Berger, F. ; Peacock, W.J.; Chaudhury, A.
19Aug-2008Parental genomic imprinting in plants: Significance for reproductionJullien, P.E.; Berger, F. 
20Apr-2005Plant formin AtFH5 is an evolutionarily conserved actin nucleator involved in cytokinesisIngouff, M.; Fitz Gerald, J.N.; Guérin, C.; Robert, H.; Sørensen, M.B.; Van Damme, D.; Geelen, D.; Blanchoin, L.; Berger, F.