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Bai Renbi
Bai, R.B.
Bai, R.


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110-May-1996A new correlation for the initial filter coefficient under unfavorable surface interactionsBai, R. ; Tien, C. 
217-Aug-2005A novel amine-shielded surface cross-linking of chitosan hydrogel beads for enhanced metal adsorption performanceLi, N. ; Bai, R. 
327-Jan-2010A novel electrolyte-responsive membrane with tunable permeation selectivity for protein purificationZhao, Y.-H. ; Wee, K.-H. ; Bai, R. 
41-Jun-2013A novel membrane showing both hydrophilic and oleophobic surface properties and its non-fouling performances for potential water treatment applicationsZhu, X.; Loo, H.-E.; Bai, R. 
515-Feb-2010A novel method for obtaining a high-concentration chitosan solution and preparing a high-strength chitosan hollow-fiber membrane with an excellent adsorption capacityHan, W.; Bai, R. 
615-Sep-2007A novel method to prepare high chitosan content blend hollow fiber membranes using a non-acidic dope solvent for highly enhanced adsorptive performanceHan, W.; Liu, C. ; Bai, R. 
725-Feb-2010Achieving highly effective non-biofouling performance for polypropylene membranes modified by UV-induced surface graft polymerization of two oppositely charged monomersZhao, Y.-H. ; Zhu, X.-Y.; Wee, K.-H. ; Bai, R. 
81-Dec-2004Adsorption and desorption of humic acid on aminated polyacrylonitrile fibersDeng, S. ; Bai, R. 
9Sep-2002Adsorption behavior of humic acid onto polypyrrole-coated nylon 6,6 granulesZhang, X. ; Bai, R. 
10Feb-2005Adsorption of lead and humic acid on chitosan hydrogel beadsYan, W.L.; Bai, R. 
111-Nov-2006Adsorptive removal of copper ions with highly porous chitosan/cellulose acetate blend hollow fiber membranesLiu, C. ; Bai, R. 
1215-Dec-2003Aminated Polyacrylonitrile Fibers for Humic Acid Adsorption: Behaviors and MechanismsDeng, S. ; Bai, R.B. 
1310-Jun-2003Aminated polyacrylonitrile fibers for lead and copper removalDeng, S. ; Bai, R. ; Chen, J.P. 
14Apr-2003An assessment of the conventional cake filtration theoryTien, C. ; Bai, R. 
15Jan-1997Analysis of Cake Growth in Cake Filtration: Effect of Fine Particle RetentionTien, C. ; Bai, R. ; Ramarao, B.V.
1615-Apr-2003Behaviors and mechanisms of copper adsorption on hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile fibersDeng, S. ; Bai, R. ; Chen, J.P. 
17Jul-2009Biodegradation of acetonitrile by adapted biofilm in a membrane-aerated biofilm reactorLi, T.; Bai, R. ; Ohandja, D.-G.; Liu, J.
18Aug-2007Biodegradation of organonitriles by adapted activated sludge consortium with acetonitrile-degrading microorganismsLi, T.; Liu, J.; Bai, R. ; Ohandja, D.G.; Wong, F.S.
1918-Mar-2009Buoyant photocatalyst with greatly enhanced visible-light activity prepared through a low temperature hydrothermal methodHan, H.; Bai, R. 
20Jan-2003Characteristics of a bioflocculant produced by Bacillus mucilaginosus and its use in starch wastewater treatmentDeng, S.B. ; Bai, R.B. ; Hu, X.M.; Luo, Q.