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Sankaran, Chitra
Sankaran, C.

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12018An Ecofeminist Reading of Beth Yahp's The Crocodile FurySankaran, Chitra 
22018Apocalyptic Vision in the Laotian Short Story "The Roar of a Distant War" by Viliya KetavongSankaran, Chitra 
32017Ecological Predicaments in Niaz Zaman's The Baromashi TapesSankaran, Chitra 
4Dec-2013Ecology, Nature and the Human in Edwin Thumboo’s PoetrySankaran, Chitra 
5Mar-2018Forests and ecocultural disequilibrium in two postcolonial novels from Cameroon and SingaporeSankaran C ; Nkengasong J
6Dec-2012FROM PEDAGOGY TO ACTIVISM: The AWARE SagaSankaran, C. ; Chng, H.H. 
72003Gendered Spaces in Taipucam Festival, SingaporeSankaran, Chitra 
81998Ideology in language use: An examination of Raja Rao's Kanthapura & Serpent and the RopeSankaran, Chitra 
92018Introduction - Ecology and Indigeneity: An Exploration of ASEAN LiteraturesSankaran, Chitra ; Zhengwen L
106-Apr-2016Materiality, Devotion and Compromise: A Study of Goddess-Films of South IndiaSankaran Chitra 
111995Misogyny in Raja Rao's the Chessmaster and his MovesSankaran, Chitra 
12Mar-1995Mysogyny in Raja Rao’s The Chessmaster and His MovesSankaran, Chitra 
13Dec-2008Narrating to Survive: Ethics and Aesthetics in Githa Hariharan's When Dreams TravelSankaran, Chitra 
14Mar-2007Negotiating Crisis in a Feminism Classroom: The Politics of RepresentationChng, Huang Hoon ; Sankaran, Chitra 
151991Patterns of Story-telling in R. K. Narayan's The GuideSankaran, Chitra 
16Jan-2014Problems with feminine empowerment in goddess films: A feminist analysis of south Indian goddess filmsSankaran, Chitra 
17Mar-2011Religion and the South Asian diasporaRai, R. ; Sankaran, C. 
182003The Abject and the Subject in Shobha De’s NovelsSankaran, Chitra 
191996The Gypsy of Kuttralam: A Feminist Archetype in Tamil LiteratureSankaran, Chitra 
201991The Patterns of Story-Telling in Guide by R.K. NarayanSankaran, Chitra